C64 Music


“Edge of Disgrace” by Dane is relatively long at 14 minutes, but it’s so good that I could play it on loop and never tire of it.

You can get a high-quality version recorded on real hardware here:

I looked at http://remix.kwed.org/ for the first time in a while last night. Fortunately, the site is updated as regularly as ever. One of my all-time favorite things there is Reyn Oewehand’s multi-instrument live performances:


There are video recordings as well, so you can see how he does them:


I’m looking forward to Matt Gray’s Reformation album, which should be coming out soon.

A few more of my favorite arrangements:

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every one of these is a gem and C64 music is still a bit unsung in vgm circles (though i am pleased that pc88/98 stuff is becoming more acknowledged!)

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Martin Galway did a good job with the main theme for The Neverending Story.

Oddly enough, Galway also went on to adapt the Ivory Tower theme for a different game, Helikopter Jagd, which had nothing at all to do with The Neverending Story.

I think my favorite Galway tune has to be Green Beret’s title theme, though.

Matt Gray’s 2017 album “Reformation” has a nice arrangement of the Green Beret title theme.

The whole album is good, and I’m glad its Kickstarter campaign was successful.

He’s following it up with another album due to be released next year.


Mr Pacman!


A few more favorites:

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Another Dane song that I listen to pretty regularly:

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These massive Kickstarter-funded albums by popular C64 musicians are pretty impressive. I’ve been listening to “Project Sidologie” a lot since its release (eight hours of music in all), and several of the “Project Hubbard” albums have now dropped as well.

Edit: I just came across something else that others might be interested in. Some free albums of C64 music played on original hardware under optimal conditions (as opposed to just approximated through an emulator). I’ve been listening to some, and it really makes a difference.



I don’t know whether anyone here would be interested in this, but the Kickstarter campaign for the symphony orchestra C64 recording is going to be close. The group putting this on always delivers beyond expectations on their projects.

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