bye-bye, all of EVANGELION

rebuild has been a shitshow ever since they rewrote rei as some kind of meek submissive tradwife material, and i guess anno’s actual wife has a self insert now as the True Romance Ending so i’m just along for the ride

hope it gets weird and pisses off as many fans as possible

Evangelion: Scholar of the First Sin

Evangelion World Party

Evangelion Tricky


Back in 2000 one of my friends gave me a disc of all of them in real media but they looked like shit so I didn’t watch more than a couple seconds. I probably still have that disc somewhere though…

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i rewatched 1.11 and 2.22, absolutely awful and inert shells of eva. excited for 3.33 tonight, hell of a movie.

This is how I watched them all originally, on burned CD ROMs for the anime club, sitting in my first house by myself over like two days. Definitely put me in a good place, ha.


Sorry, KH Ultimania book I just got, but this:

…is my new best friend. Guess I’m finally gonna read it.


Oh cool.

(But not in Japan, so fire up a VPN)


i think it got updated to also be japan?

im a little bit bummed that i won’t be watching this one as fansubbed camrip like i did with the first 3

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Disregard @Rudie you can also join in Shinji’s cishet happy ending from the comfort of your home

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I got no time to do this right now but I’ve been curious if the manga is fun to read too?

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ok so i still haven’t watched more than a couple of the first episodes a couple decades ago + memes, but what’s the difference between the one that just came out and the one that’s just about to come out?

Not sure I follow but a guess: in 2019 Netflix licensed the original series and did a new dub for it and this movie is the fourth and final in the “Rebuild” series that’s essentially its own AU fix it fic.

It’s so good, Moyoco Anno’s husband is so much more endearing when you get this perspective on him


yeah no but like, didn’t 3.0+1.0 just come out? so what’s this 1.01

This is the international/streaming release for 3.0+1.0

To my knowledge there haven’t been camrips and fansubs yet

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ohhh very good, cheers

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I mean I think an ending about confronting the source of your trauma and moving on from a world of teenage otaku fantasy is pretty rad, if the ending matches what I read, and retroactively made me way more interested in these movies.


I first watched Evangelion on bootleg Video CDs that were also the first thing I ever bought off Amazon and right now maybe Parker is in possession of those discs so

I do think that may be a solid summation of the Eva experience, and, also, Modern Life [if you’re blessed.]

(It rocks, can’t wait to own every RG Eva model kit.)