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You know a project is good when it has live chat. Maybe everyone can bomb the chat with how Doug is awful and should get a better worldview or crawl into a cave and never bother anyone.


i can’t wait to play earthworm jim the way it was intended, with an ipod


I made an overly mean axe thread about it a few weeks ago.

I was gonna link the video but instead have a screencap of hell:


We missed our calling when I was on your couch to get a “Youtuber thinking about a thing” face shot for our non-existent channel.


I’ve thought about it and all these dorks should either be in a flower dress or a drugrug.

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imo the real news story with the shovel knight thing is how a guy at YCG just whipped up a build of the game with that camhack and just gave it to some youtuber


Eh, camhacks are the basis of the boundary break channel. Seems to me that YCG likes his content and decided to give him an officially endorsed tool. Rather than the usual somewhat glitchy mods boundary break works with, from modders.

And yeah, plenty of people who play games, do not know what development looks like. I look at shovel knight screens and footage and think “Oh that looks like an old 2D game. Like Castlevania or something”. Yeah, I was surprised to see that its actually 3D.
Just like how I was surprised 20 years ago, when I found out that Disney used to put hand drawn/painted elementss on panes of glass, separated in 3D space. and used a multiplane camera, to capture the composited scene.

I think that dude is getting twitter mad, due to personal issues he has with his own profession. I could also watch a movie and be surprised later at the behind the scenes reveal, for which elements were green screened in. Whereas someone who does that work for a living might have been able to point out those elements, while watching the movie. Maybe.


Boundary Break is a known quantity so the idea doesn’t seem insane

YCG seems pretty chill anyway, not like they have anything to hide

I figured this was a thing since modern graphics is all about drawing textures on two bigass triangles glued together for 2D anyway

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except in this case the consumers exert a level of personal ownership of the product such that their anger can literally get the people making those products fired from their jobs when those workers respond badly to people dropping in acting like experts

like, I understand that people don’t know things sometimes! it’s the fucking heat they bring to conversations they don’t have knowledge about that’s the problem

(and consequently the industry’s feeble response to tamping that heat down)


The guy is going on about “armchair developers” and blah and I don’t even know why. He’s on some tangent about something personal to him, while linking something which really has nothing to do with his own issues. Most of the comments are telling him to relax, because the boundary break video is just a boundary break video. And the Kotaku article is just saying “trippy” to see it.

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Yeah, at first I was nodding along to sheffield’s reaction, but then I read both the article and the meager comments it attracted and they didn’t seem to have the hallmarks of the stuff sheffield was reacting against.

I think considering the weird ownership/entitlement issues gamers have is an important consideration, and they tend to be disgustingly prone to freaking the fuck out over developers and/or journalists “getting away with things” or “hiding things” or something.

The ideal version of the Kotaku UK article opens up onto a discussion about the state of developing 2D games in the 21st century instead of staying honed in on Shovel Knight in particular, but it’s fine as it is. And, I mean, no one even read the fucking thing.


this is exciting to me


I am probably overreacting

but like, the discussion went from “this is kind of an innocuous article talking about an interesting aspect of videogame development that is fairly standard despite not seeming so” to “this person is getting twitter mad due to personal issues with his profession” and like, that’s kind of a jump

the twitter person (they’re all twitter people to me apparently) seems like they want to talk about erasure of work but doing it relatively clumsily

just want to preach about how there’s a lot of erasure of work in the game industry that’s where I’m at today


this is cool, having seen the RetroManCave video on it but also it doesn’t actually fix the core issue of “you can’t play old lightgun games on modern TVs from original hardware”

it ain’t the same if it don’t go PAKANG

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I mean, totally fair. All of it.


it is really difficult for me to express this in a way that doesn’t come across as snarky, but i am truly marveling about the era of SB we are living in where brandon sheffield is a “that dude” or “twitter person”

guess i’m just old as shit, sorry


I’ve been luvin’ playing on the Switch but now I just want to go back to FlatOut what a great game.

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