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Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven


I can’t imagine paradise lost was very popular in canada

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My thoughts exactly.

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Eh, I didn’t think who he is, is all that important for the discussion.


They should have kept the colors matched. Those grey tires are blah. and that orange golden gate bridge loses its arcade “pop”.


you’re right, it’s not, it’s just kind of surreal to see ic people come up in totally unrelated contexts without some kind of commentary. but yeah, unnecessary at this point


yeah i kind of regretted bloodpotioning that link after a few minutes. brandon’s snideness (as usual) was somewhat unwarranted imo.

still, i’m not thrilled to see parallax conflated with a legitimate third dimension (which would excite and intrigue me), and billing its existence as “news” does feel more than a little clickbaity.

ON THE other^2 hand, it’s always fun to actually see these virtual dioramas in motion (:point_down:), so the more the better. plus i’ve enjoyed plenty of similar content from Boundary Break regardless of its newsworthiness

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I have to admit that whenever I hear Brandon Sheffield mentioned, I usually think to myself “just act natural and pretend you know who they are talking about”


Did you watch the video? Its 3D space and the objects are setup as an orthographic projection. The way extending platforms work, is kind of hilarious. Each segment is its own object, set at a different depth. and when the platform compresses, the objects line up in front of echother, so it looks like it got shorter. But really, the last segment is just behind every other segment, and so on.


Brandon is cool IRL. He was extremely online during bad eras of game culture on the internet and has worked in games for over a decade – imagine how tired he is whenever he logs on.


the Shovel Knight thing is cool and all, but did you all know that selectbutton.net is actually in 3D too?


knowing brandon IRL I can say that he probably isn’t trying to be snide. he just kind of has a neutral tone that seems really harsh. I feel like his next tweet should also be posted here:

and I sympathize with him. and it really annoys me how much boundary break sensationalizes things that are ordinary. it really frustrates me because the natural curiosity behind that channel is something I relate to but the guy’s personality and way of presenting things is, imo, the worst possible way to explore such subjects.

I mean this is a problem endemic to youtubers in general, it just grinds me to no end that this one channel exploring a relatively niche interest is nevertheless represented by an extremely annoying chucklehead who consistently makes a big deal out of the fact that sometimes when something is off screen it is no longer rendered.


When did game devs become fuddy duddys about their own craft?


never become so old that you see the same knowledge lost and learned dozens of times; it molds your bones


game devs probably gotta be a little fuddy duddy because their most vocal audience are entitled manbabies who hate them, call them lazy, and harass them


i get that it’s all rigged up in 3D space, and the different layer depths are definitely pretty cool and mesmerising to look at, but the layers themselves still just consist of flat sprites, which i think qualifies it as “2.5D” by wikipedia’s definition.
by “legit third dimension” i was speculating about, like, what if the sprites were actually models with continuous z-depth, or there was in-game logic for distinguishing some elements as foreground/background, or people discovered actually the game was secretly Fez 2 all along.

yes this got to me a bit. a lot of observations in the video are expressed like they’re these wacky unusual tricks to marvel at, and i’m thinking, surely you can’t still be surprised by this stuff after years of making videos? and a lot of the time my reaction is like… i actually can’t think how else you’d go about accomplishing those things. like of course the scrolling background resets its position; what are you going to do, make it infinitely tall?

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My partner was listening to the podcast Lore yesterday and sent me this message about the host:

He just said that the practice of eating corpses in the hopes of being healed of various things “has been given a bizarre and complex name by historians and anthropologists: medicinal cannibalism”

And his use of “bizarre and complex” made her furious and honestly I’m still kind of furious about it like 24 hours later.


I’m baffled at how more than one person here can dismiss boundary break, simply because you are aware of/experienced in the general methods behind the revelations often shown.

Even if you are already very familiar with game development practices; there is still some interesting stuff in these videos. To see how “insert fave game name here” did it, is still an interesting thing to see. For some people, at least.

It was very cool of Yacht Club Games to get involved in this content, by providing a camera to make it possible. And also to be interviewed about what was shown. And at the end they seemed very happy that people were interested in all these details about their game. And i think that’s wonderful.


i promise you i originally typed that comment in a much more conciliatory tone but then i read toups’ post and my conformity-seeking brain spun like a broken compass trying to decide which point of view i was going to try to sympathise with

anyway, i described them as cool and enjoyable in two posts so i don’t know how some minor gripes about the presentation reads as a wholesale dismissal

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