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yeah just stop letting the public do this shit by giving them the technology, they’re not really very good at it

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gamergate quickly and abruptly ended in the summer of 2015, coincidentally when a bunch of trans women were getting doxxed by 8chan and milo yiannopolous like every day. but then it came back after trump got elected, and the same hypocritical scumbags who spent years on end calling one of my best friends a pedophile because breitbart told them to, and telling their audience to ignore the rise of the alt-right and “pay attention to the real issues” realized they could make a couple hundred bucks writing articles rehashing it.

no i will never let anyone live this down, thank you.


it also turns out that when you tie people’s livelihoods to easily abusable tools on platforms that consumers have no interest in maintaining a good faith relationship with bad things also happen

your average uber driver can tell you about this too


Weak cowardly piss and I’m not even convinced 3D Realms know what they’re doing at this point either.


Its from some weird book from the 90s but yeah I feel you.

later in the thread there’s a page from a comic that confirms “Hail to the King, Baby” canonically refers to Martin Luther King Jr hahahhaah



i really want the age of consumers whining til things change to end, but we’ve let it come so far. its so normal now

im absolutely sick of hearing about gamergate in the past tense, because this is so much more than a hashtag in 2014, weev has been courting young gamers and been in touch with breitbart for over a decade, there was planned build up before
but also saying something smacks of gamergate makes 98 percent of ppl recoil because UGH DONT WANNA DEAL WITH THAT DRAMA again

and theyve won. they control content in games, they made countless people who weren’t making the games they want LEAVE the industry. theyve made people terrified to get big, theyve made going viral with any tweet about videogames torture.

women who worked in games were getting harassed by horrible men before gamergate, i remember my friends getting phone calls and dicks photoshopped in their mouths in 2008. it wasnt so much to quit your job, just enough that every time you go out in public you side eye every dude on the street

today any marginalized person that gets a certain amount of visibility risks death threats, deep fake porn (which seems like no big deal but watchjng ‘yourself’ get violently fucked is actually incredibly traumatizing) doxing, stalker forum threads etc
like teach men better please, men need to talk to eachother but men dont give a fuck about harassment in games unless theyre trying to bang someone getting harassed, then they become allies.


ok but


Incredibly weak piss.

“Jokes at the expense of marginalized communities will not be present in future games published by 3D Realms,” 3D Realms said. “However, a portion of our community made it loud and clear they felt removing ‘Ogay’ was censorship and should be protected by free speech. Voidpoint wanted to listen and we respected this decision.”

Clown is doubling down on his twitter, claiming the worst of it is due to the language barrier and hiding behind the charity donation as proof of no poor intent, you’d think 3D Realms would be more concerned about that.

what a fucking joke. zero chance I buy this game or wrath, though I will 100% pirate the later. maybe the devs should self publish on itch.io or something

gamers are fucking something else, imagine trying to explain to your friends that you sent death threats to a video game publisher because they removed the word ■■■ from a video game.


Yeah this basically just ensures I’m never going to give money to 3DRealms ever again.


Yeah, fuck this.

this is a very unexamined get out of jail free card that so many people In The Culture use for people that are actually horrible

I’ve had to explain so many times that just because someone throws money at charity it doesn’t absolve them of the shitty things they did before or after they threw the money

it’s like, the moral framework around gamerz is so fragile that someone giving their money away seemingly out of altruism’s sake literally absolves people from any sins they’ve committed

I’ve literally had people accuse me of acting in bad faith for criticizing cards against humanity for their rape jokes among other things because max temkin donated to charity a few times


everytime somewan donates to charity bcuz of a fuck up they did I always ask “why didn’t you donate before tho”


It’s part of the textbook best practices for business crisis management: Responsibility, Regret, Reform, Restitution. So you see businesses issue these very pro-forma statements: we accept fault, we’re sorry, we’ll do better, and we’ll compensate users or donate to a charity to offset harms.

It’s better than nothing but a pretty poor substitute for meaningful change because it’s so metered and measured as cost against continuing damage. It’s better than most forms of personnel blaming, as it’s focused on systemic change, which is usually a better way to heal organizational issues, but without arbitrating bodies, this template can easily be meaningless.


yeah I have no idea why so many relatively progressive people give this shit a free pass. Especially when those jokes are coming from fucking Max Temkin, a known fucking creep.

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