bulletin witch (news thread)


they should just give us a final fantasy with like, meg ryan and dolemite playing the leads

stop beating around the bush


in fact, I went looking for famous non-Japanese games that have never had an English translation and really had a hard time finding any, especially on console. If anyone knows of any I could test with, please let me know.

seems like he’s looking for mizzurna shaped challenges

oh wait i read that wrong but still


I mean this is kind of close to ffxiii tbh


so that UGT thing is AGTH, except for games people would want to play

(the angry person in the back of my head is sassing that random JRPGs are barely above random PSP anime VNs)


Literally the only good thing about FF7 is the prerendered backgrounds, so it looks like I have to buy this remake


Will I break down and finally beat something labelled ffVII? Let’s find out.


tifa is conspicuously absent and I wonder if it’s because they are still deciding how tacky to make her boob physics


She’s workin the bar. I think this trailer is supposed to be mostly the intro mission. Aside from the Sephiroth peek. which may only be a thing they did for the trailer or maybe they put him in that early?


Her name is visible in many of the battle sequences


I didn’t see that!


this already happened though






And so, Gilgamesh was born


if it’s anything like xv she probably clipped through a wall immediately before the footage was captured




“They” said it couldn’t be done in a major motion picture…


the FF7R voice acting sounds exactly like the bad anime dub the game deserves in '97 or :modern release date:


My friend is releasing a game soon

Edit: adding some in-game footage from a year ago. Specific mechanics/UI have changed a little since then, but it’s got in-game-art so