bulletin witch


that flower girl is going to be murdered in hd


quote this post when there’s a postgame sidequest to bring her back


it will be dlc though


It’ll be an ultra-rare lootbox item:
“Phoenix Down That Works On Aerith”


It eventually turns into an FF8 remake.


i’m with Toups, i wanna play this.


where Squall dies at end of Disc 1.


I tried playing FF7 on PS3 years ago and couldn’t be bothered past the first hour or so. The new battle system looks like it might be a bit more engaging than random encounters, so I guess maybe this will be the first time I can play this game all the way through?


For 11 hours at a time, every 18 months, for 6 years.


I’ve always assumed this was gonna retcon the whole story to be more angsty, broody Advent Childrenesque grimwank, but this actually looks kinda exciting to me somehow now, despite my desire to hate it?

I really, really do hope they drop the episodic idea. I understand the idea as a cash generator, but I can’t be the only one in the world who’ll be like “I’ll wait for the Master Collection Edition that comes out a year after everything’s finally released”

Really can’t wait for the game to be stretched across PSes 4, 5, and 6.


Oh man, FF7 is going to become the new Kingdom Hearts isn’t it? The games are going to constantly get delayed, leaving people waiting a decade for a conclusion. SE could even get sidetracked and add in tons of spin-off games in the middle to expand the lore just like Kingdom Hearts did with all those DS and PSP games, like adapting Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core, to those mobile games, anime, and novels.


how is it possible for the voice acting to be so bad in this


I think the voice acting is good!

Final Fantasy is campy! I feel like everything in this trailer hits the right notes of being just too serious to come off as kind of goofy but in a charming way.

Is it just me??


IDK I mean campy is fine there is just a huge void between what this thing looks like and what it sounds like. Like if that was the VA to the playstation version it would be one thing, but this looks like something I’m supposed to take seriously

This is mainly a reaction to Barret’s voice, which sounds vaguely like a hate crime


I do actually like how the characters look after years of squeenix’s house style for this property being inexplicably hideous so there’s that


yeah tbh i was kind of hoping for Barret to be characterized more in the way that he seems to have been in the original Japanese and less like the US version…

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At E3 this year, Square-Enix will announce that Final Fantasy VII remake will follow an episodic schedule patterned on the 3-disc structure of the original game, though the first disc will be split into 2 discs. The ultimate release schedule, released bit by bit as time goes on, will eventually look like this:

Q3 2020: Final Fantasy VII: Disc 1: Midgarus Resolve
Q2 2022: Final Fantasy VII: Disc 1.5: Kalm et Requiet Imperium
Q4 2023: Final Fantasy VII: Disc 2: Mythrilium Earth
Q1 2024: Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerebus: Eternal Lyric
Q3 2025: Final Fantasy VII: Disc 2.1: City of the Sun
Q2 2027: Final Fantasy VII: Disc 2.2: Instantium Corvis Materium
Q4 2027: Vincent DLC
Q4 2028: Yuffie DLC
Q1-Q4 2029: Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis (24 installments released every 2 weeks)
Q2 2031: Final Fantasy VII: Disc 2.3: Nibelus Fracturum
Q3 2032: Final Fantasy VII: Disc 2.27: Unmemory [Expanded sequences of flashbacks]
Q1 2033: Last Order: Final Fantasy VII HD [OVA with new CGI backgrounds]
Q3 2034: Final Fantasy VII: Disc 2.9: The Temple of Ancients
Q4 2035: Final Fantasy VII: Episode Wutai DLC
Q3 2036: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Remastered
Q4 2037: Final Fantasy VII: Mog House Extended
Q1 2039: Final Fantasy VII: Disc 3: Postfrost
Q3 2040: Final Fantasy VII: Disc 3 Part II: Planetus Defensus
Q4 2041: Final Fantasy VII: Disc 3.05: Exultus Combino
Q3 2042: Final Fantasy VII: Disc 3.1: Midgar Radium
Q4 2044: Final Fantasy VII: Fort Condor Defender [expanded RTS version of Fort Condor minigame for Switch and PS5]
Q2 2046: Final Fantasy VII: Episode Chocobo Aurelius [Chocobo racing and breeding game]
Q4 2046: Final Fantasy VII: Disc 4: Intolerable Order
Q4 2047: Final Fantasy VII: Disc 4.1: Jenova Exquisica Materia Penultimate
Q1-3 2048: Final Fantasy VII: Bahamut Legion [Special summon quest DLC installments]
Q4 2049: Final Fantasy VII: Breath of the Future: (Un)Advent Children: Ludovarium [playable version of Advent Children framed as a dream of the planet]
Q3 2051: Final Fantasy VII: Disc 4.2222 Sephiroth Cumulus Crescendo [finale]
Q4 2053: Final Fantasy VII: Disc 99: Compilation of Final Fantasy VII Remake





actual magic


I wonder if you could hook it up with a translated script to use as a local ‘suggested translation’ dictionary