bulletin witch


I like the art style in that animation a lot

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hey crisis core was really good and the ff7 remake looks like that


Oh man this looks beautiful

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i’m here for developers making turrican that looks fun


gunlord rules. I am hype to be able to play it more.

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crafting eh


That also gives me a little pause but I will remain hopeful that this is a team that would implement something like that intelligently


Sorry but this shit is coming out of Milwaukee and it’s super fire blowing my mind


there are a few different AI upscale projects going on for PSX Final Fantasy games right now. One of the higher profile ones, is Remako.

Looks like he’s testing the waters on community help for a Switch version of the mod.

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Has there been any attempt to apply similar AI-based upscaling to the FMV sections?

I imagine you’d have to use a tweaked algorithm that can account for compression artifacts. And another issue is that the upscaling process they use for still images seems to affect contrast as well, so it might be difficult for the scaling to be seemless between video and still images.

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What if AI-based upscaling, but for FMV games?


ok I guess I should have investigated for more than two seconds:


I like that the results for the FMVs are basically just “fine”

it’s more comparable to going from an Xvid rip of an old television source to a laserdisc, so it’s cleaner, but not jarring

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and in general I do like this project, as ornery as I get about asset replacement, if people are going to insist on running PS1 games with static backgrounds at a 4x higher rendering resolution then I think the way that AI upscalers make use of the ground truth input is actually good enough to not be jarring or over-processed

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I’m more than happy with fine because the FMV’s have aged far worse than any other part when played on modern displays. what I want out of a project like this is for the limitations of the graphics to not be distracting on modern hi-res displays. I’m okay if there isn’t a stunning amount of new detail or anything.

just cleaning up the compression artifacts alone is huge. but I also feel like there is some quality being lost again via youtube’s shitty compression.


Here’s some Deep Space 9 content, done by the same guy

Seems he’s pretty close to figuring out a decent workflow for doing video, without resulting in a bunch of added noise. As far as I know, AI upscalers are currently only suited for individual images. So they don’t track/predict motion, frame to frame. So you can end up with a lot of pixel crawl and noise. I’ve seen some attempts at upscaling FFVIII’s FMV and it looked really awful, due to all of the pixel crawl and exacerbated artifacting.

Anyway, I guess his process requires like hundreds of gigabytes of extra, temporary storage space. In order to facilitate the process he has worked out, for video. *but he’s also not the most knowledgeable. Someone had to tell him about MKVtoolnix, in order to grab the audio untouched and then rejoin it again, later. He had been putting the source video into Audacity and extracting the audio, mixed down to mono…
I’m pretty sure there are probably some things which could be done, to improve his process. However, one way or another, the results look pretty darn great on that DS9 video.

But along your lines of preference, all these new effects and processing, need not be used only for extremes.

This is FF7 with the 3D parts rendered at super high res and then downscaled back to PSX resolution. And a CRT filter applied. Youtube compression wrecks scanlines. But you can still see that the 3D models are more filled out and don’t have all the shimmer and wobble. And they don’t look out of place, from their backgrounds.

If someone was really taking some care, you could probably apply the upscaled backgrounds, some boosts like this to the 3D models, and a few other effects; for a higher resolution result which still looks pretty “natural”.


And this is one of FFVIII with the super high res models downscaled back to PSX resolution. But this one is without a CRT filter.

I’m personally very excited for when FFVIII has a complete refresh from AI upscaling. People are working on it, too. But its far from done.


FWIW I’ve been playing FFVIII off a PSone via RGB through a line doubler and scanline generator outputting to a 1080p LCD gaming monitor and aside from how goofy the character models look during battle sequences, it still looks absolutely great