bulletin witch (news thread)



Damnit. ECHO was extremely unique and chilling, pretty sad they won’t get a chance to follow it up in some form. Definitely following where/how the team moves on.



Fukken ahhhhhhh

This could be neat I guess I was afraid for a second it was just going to be Hotline Miami: Big Name IP Edition


Intriguing! I’d love to see what the Doorkickers team would do with this IP; my sense is they could squeeze a lot out of their tactical planning -> explosive formula.


I made what looks like a moderately unfashionable medieval lesbian, played badly, didn’t really get any more out of it than chivalry, and refunded the game


The real John Wick game is Superhot VR


Superhot-take :smirk:



Bethesda adds taxes to Libertarian Simulator 76

What I can’t fathom is that they aren’t even taxing the premium currency, it’s the completely in-game currency.


It’s a sink; players can generate infinite money in the world by killing monsters/collecting resources, so the perpetual-motion machine needs leaks to prevent inflation


the first time i saw something like this being really explicit was in the Kingdom of Loathing. There was a bug that allowed people to create unholy amounts of the currency (meat), and so a ton of people did. Instead of banning people, changing the numbers, or rolling back data, they instead made a series of completely pointless vanity items that cost incredible amounts of meat. I think you had to win it in a raffle as well, so it wasn’t even guaranteed.


Anyone who has those vanity items? Frickin legends in the community, the real old guard.

It was brilliant, honestly; everyone was happy at the end of the day.




last of the manic pixies


I like Final Fantasy VII a whole lot. But, this does nothing for me.


I think it looks really good. I… really like the way they are handling both cloud’s and aerith’s characterization.

I feel like squeenix really had a good groove with production/voice acting/casting/direction with XV and it this remake seems to have the quality to it. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

I don’t mind it being a pseudo action RPG or whatever. Action RPGs are fun! Final Fantasy VII’s combat system is kind of dull for how long the game is!


i hope they’ve forgotten about their whole ‘episodic’ and ‘bunch of games like xiii’ ideas

but i am willing to buy all of however many multiple games they make out of this marketing event if one of them is a 60 hour combat-free collection of fetch quests exclusively centered in Costa del Sol


looks terrible.

but easy nostalgia bux for square enix i guess.