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I’m the fool who romantically pines for the small-company days where I cared enough that I would stay late often, because my direct actions had such power over the game. Now my work is through emanations and perturbations and occasional dips into micro-feedback and I’ve been taught that it’s not my game and I wish I could care like that again


I mean, I’d love to have a job where I’m creating something, instead of just solving problems and reacting.

I’ve built some tools while here and made some of our work easier, and I love doing it, but it’s not the focus of my job. Most of my time is just putting out fires when they happen.


My favorite tech company shit story is that the last company I went to insisted that I had to go to conference, which I finally agreed to, and then a few months afterward, they fired me, but part of my contract said that if I got fired within like a year of going to a conference that they paid for, I had to pay them back. So my last paycheck was minus 2500 bucks to pay them back hahaha FUCK.


I love working for the public sector because it is taken as gospel that you should never ever care more than your salaried hours permit. everyone is crusty and labour-first and competent and cynical and friendly and if you tell them you’re vegan they’ll shun you until you quit because who can be bothered and it can be difficult to get a position that’s actually interesting and proactive but if you do, it’s the absolute best


That is FUCKED.


Veganism aside, this tracks very closely with my public sector experiences.


tell that to teachers (in the US, not sure about canada)

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yeah here the teachers’ unions go hard as hell so the teachers don’t have to within the scope of their regular jobs


Teachers are a different breed of public sector work.

A lot of them are expected, though not contractually obliged, to work beyond their hours in Canada - usually their first form of protest, prior to a strike, is a “work to rule” where they ONLY do their contractual job without any extracurricular activities.

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it’s amazing how quickly a teacher “just” doing the job they’re supposed to be doing will shut down the whole system


This book rules, I strongly endorse.


Kill. All. The. Bosses.

Also oh hey this is coming out tomorrow?

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Someone got a new WR for Duck Tales



Biohazard (at least) piling on to the switch this month. Devil May Cry coming this summer.

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wow he hulked out


which is its biggest problem, it does both things poorly.

sad state of affairs in general for strategy games, with total war having monopoly over mass battle games and paradox with grand strategy games.


I’m sorry I’m not sure I follow


they really nailed the “absentmindedly powerwashing a house” animation for the stance when gunlord is shooting upward during that lava boss fight