Blade Runner


I would like to get to LA this year, jus cuz

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I’m into it


Theory I’m running with atm: Ford is secretly funding all of these projects so he can die in every major property he’s starred in and never has to do a movie ever again.

A true inspiration.


can’t wait for air force two


hyped for the crisis on infinite jack ryans movie.

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idk how i feel about gosling

idk how i feel about explicit nods to the original


I don’t feel that this sequel is necessary


I think I am having PTSD flashbacks to Indiana Jones 4.

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“things were simpler then

things were simple THEN!?!?!? (then = bladerunner o.g.)

this one must be a doozy

i’m calling it now: bladerunner 2049 a real Mindfuck

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a cool easter egg from that trailer is when he said things were better THEN, what he meant was that things are much worse NOW, meaning in this new bladerunner… that’s a secret tip that movie fans are gonna love once they finally get it



it’s 2016 and I’ve never seen blade runner. how would I go about this. one time I was gonna watch it on netflix but then I read that one version of the movie sucks and that was the version they had so I gave up

why would netflix show anything but the final cut

there’s no reason to watch any version but the final cut if you never seen the movie before. all the other cuts are only good for curiosities or nostalgia.

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So it’s the guy who did Sicario that’s directing this right?


Oh I will definitely see this though, didn’t want to give the wrong impression. I like Gosling enough, he was good in Drive I thought. He is supposed to be good in The Nice Guys, but I didn’t watch that yet.

I just hope they don’t focus the story too much on Ford’s character from the original film and 2049 has it’s own legs to stand on.

Blade Runner was great as a standalone film. I am sure that this sequel is some kind of money grab, but it can’t really tarnish the original.