black swan sucks

sorry just had to get that out there

i’m thinking about becoming a movie person. started watching foreign films and various blockbusters i missed out on

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@WinonaGhostRyder don’t look!

Yeah this movie was hilarious in ways I don’t think it was going for

Aronofsky is pretty bad


I still think The Fountain is good despite not having seen it in a decade.


I haven’t seen it since 2010, so I’m probably not as passionate as I once was. Still like the concept of a brundleswan.

Pretty cool that since exactly this movie, Aronofsky started to wear scarves at all times and only date people he’s old enough to be the dad of.


I swear I read an interview with Natalie Portman a couple years after this where she a) mentions that she can’t remember where she put the Oscar but she’s pretty sure it’s in a drawer and b) complains that people are constantly trying to get her to give money to Israel and she’s had to start just walking out of lunches but I can’t find it and I’m wondering if I imagined the whole thing which would be weird because it was great


Felix’s imagination usually only brings about horrible things!


A friend took me to this for my birthday.

Also in attendance were what appeared to be a bunch of girls with their moms.

This year, the same friend took me to The Shape of Water for my birthday.

We sat next to what appeared to be a mother/daughter pair.



I haven’t watched this since it came out. But I like or really like most Aronofsky because even if the works get pretentious or derivative tomatoes lobbed at ‘em it tends to be pretty inspired and passionate stuff, regardless of the person

mother was incredible


I really liked The Fountain, OK. This is me, admitting to liking The Fountain! I’m the Big Fountain Fan!

It was when I realized Huge Ackman was an Actual Actor and I like its big dumb thudding earnestness. V. insular yet centuries-spanning movie about a dude learning to accept the inevitability of death! There in the theater I felt emotions!

I am afraid to ever watch it again.

Will still listen to the score on occasion though.


I really, really wanted it to be The Fly for birds :frowning:


Ten years ago me and a friend were on a kick where we would watch a movie on DVD and then watch it again and again if it had different commentary tracks. We were smoking a lot of marijuana at the time. The only thing I can remember from The Fountain’s commentary was Aranofsky talking about how difficult it was to make the stone cross that cast the specific shadow when back lit and lined up with the map for the scene with the Conquistador’s arriving in South America and trying to pick up the trail for the Tree of Life.

“You wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to make that cross and light it so that the shadow did what you wanted it to do.”

Oh you would be surprised Darren.

For a while there I would occasionally go back and rewatch the last 15 minutes on youtube until they took the scene down so I can’t anymore.

The soundtrack is still up though! Now I’m listening to Death is the Road to Awe again for the first time in years. Got me thinking about learning tai chi.

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I liked it until the end, which was a bit too dramatic. I think I wanted it to end right when she stabbed herself? Or did I want it to be not real? I don’t remember, there was something I thought the movie should’ve done that would’ve worked. Haven’t seen it since I saw it in the theater. who the fuck did I see it in the theater with? I don’t know anyone who would like this movie.

I have a real weakness for natalie portman

Nah it’s decent. Evil Dead: chicken edition

The Fountain is a favorite of mine. Although some things about it bugged me at first, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and ultimately the things that I did like about it far outweighed the things that I didn’t. Also, I once got to see the spaceship from the movie in a museum.

It was only about a month ago that I watched Black Swan. Although I didn’t care for that one as much as some of his others, I still liked that he was trying to do something unusual.

I’m glad Aronofsky was able to keep making films after no one (but me) liked his Noah movie, because I thought Mother! was excellent. The people sitting next to me in the theater (random strangers) sure didn’t, though.

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I saw Black Swan in the theater when it came out and I hated it. It’s a dumbed down, Americanized version of The Piano Teacher that replaces the self mutilation stuff with lesbian panic, and throws in special effects ripped directly from The Fly to make a really facile and hamhanded point.

Noah’s great because I saw it on opening weekend with a bunch of oblivious IRL Flanders’s families.


Zack Snyder walks into a Hollywood executive board meeting and, without saying a word, confidently writes The Fountain$ on a whiteboard and then sits down


Snyder and this guy are definitely on the same shit

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I really like Noah as its fever climaxes in the boat and as they cope with God’s inscrutable putty monsters vengeance. Best use of HDR-exposed night skies on film! I have an excuse to see it again because my wife fell asleep when we saw it after an 8-hour flight returning from Christmas.

Aronofsky seems driven by similar purified, elongated emotional questions as Malick, but expresses it by alternating between quiet tension and outbursts as opposed to steady meditation. I can relate; it’s so easy to push that button in a story and get results.