black swan sucks


If you don’t think Malick can do outbursts, you haven’t seen The Thin Red Line


The alternate cut I want to see more than any other is the original 4 hour cut of The Thin Red Line. That movie is awesome.


Hmm, which scenes are you thinking of? Thin Red Line, while very good, doesn’t speak to me as strongly as newer, calmer Malick, though in my mind it’s suffused by his same energy. I remember the energy of battle scenes as constant corkscrew muscle tension more than build->release like most action.

But it’s been quite a while and it may be mixing with Bridge on the River Kwai memories…


you mean 6 :waynestare:



The best thing about black swan is that my wife watched it expecting a ballet movie despite how many times I (who only knew of it) told her it wasn’t that then it turned into what it was and she was mad and eventually bored by the whole thing.


0/10 when she finally turns into the black swan she doesn’t massacre the audience like that one scene from parasite eve

i was expecting a dark monstergirl film and just got lesbian sex with milia kunis

i just woke up and i’m sleeeep drunk

(i haven’t seen this .mov)


My first exposure to Hug Jamen was tuning into ABC’s Sunday Arts and watching him belt out Oklahoma! with a big goofy grin on his mug