best song in a movie scene

i was thinking i really enjoy when the song in a movie soundtrack perfectly fits the scene that it’s in. like that’s a particular audio-visual phenomenon of the modern era that i sort of think accentuates the art

do yall know what im talkin about / have favorites of this ilk?


Hitchcock has a bunch of these moments, but they’re cliché.

I think Under the Skin really syncs with the song that plays when men are lured into the trap.


Oh wait, Wicker Man! I really liked the peaceful fly onto the island and all the other songs that came up organically.


When “I Can’t Stop Loving You” hits in Metropolis, it’s pretty incredible

I feel like there’s a favorite example that’s not coming to mind rn. Will post if it occurs 3 me


The opening scene of You Were Never Really Here, particularly the part where the title comes up on the screen.

I only saw The Wicker Man for the first time a couple years ago, and I sure was surprised to find that it’s sort of a musical. I really like this cover version of Willow’s Song that features the Strawberry Switchblade vocalist:


I feel like 50% of the effect Driver had on me was just from this


it’ll be hard not to post EVERY song from Annette so I’ll limit it to

which is a perfect scene, completely unimpeachable

I mean, this scene is kind of cheating because of course the audio and visuals sync up, the guy from big bang theory is actually conducting the orchestra, it’s live music.


This is almost certainly not what you are asking for but hell, it is what immediately jumped to mind.


This is a weird one but the movie I will secretly die on any hill for is Jaws, a perfect movie with a perfect score, real good scoring from back when people actually wrote music to fit the scene rather than the director’s temp track… my favorite sequence is a weird one because it’s actually the sequence when Quint finally starts getting barrels on the fish:

A more conventional decision would have been to make this scene tense and ominous, but the track John Williams wrote is sprightly and fanciful, and it rises and falls and changes tone moment to moment to match and shade each shot so quickly and adeptly that it’s really very impressive. When Quint moves to the center of the frame, it becomes triumphant; as Brody grows in confidence, the triumphant music comes to overlap him, too, as Quint’s enthusiasm infects him, and it warps and changes as he draws his fucking cop pistol and starts taking potshots at the shark. It’s all very traditional but it’s just really good and a lot of fun.

The music tracks the emotional flow of the scene so tightly and adds such a sharp interpretation of the Brody and Hooper’s attitude toward Quint that it delighted me the first time I heard it—later in life than most, probably, after I’d already spent years learning movie soundtrack songs with various college groups, and growing frustrated at how modern orchestral soundtracks explore nothing, and do nothing, and just suck more than I’d like every time.

Edit: tried writing this on a touchpad and posted it in the wrong thread by fat fingering and now it won’t let me repost it in the correct place because it is not different enough. Will this make it different enough??? ABCDEFG etc etc I love movie songs let me post this


From memory, prince recieved this scene (and the parade) already cut to existing songs of his so had to write partyman and trust to the same tempo and rhythm.


This is a fun topic. I’ll think about some more but this one comes immediately to mind.


also wanted to post this! :servbotsalute:

if you have netflix, you can check whether you have Isi & Ossi in your country... a german romcom (yeah, that sounds like a failure from the get-go) with an intro that is basically exposition only and sets the stage for the rest of the movie, you can jump the ship after that.

Satoshi Kon’s movies which were tailored to Hirasawa’s soundtrack (a less nice way to put it would be Hirasawa just recycled some of his songs, bur more Hirasawa == good, so who cares!) have a few of these scenes, personally i like Millenium Actress’es chase scene through time best…

Donnie Darko intro/Drive intro both qualify for this as well....

now for the cheatin’ part:
absolutely in love with La La Land’s score/scenes/cast/everything, so that wins by default.

Bobby Di’s entrance in Mean Streets to Jumpin’ Jack Flash is an oft-quoted Conventional Opinion but the truest answer is Tim Cappello’s version of I Still Believe in The Lost Boys

I’m a big sucker for endings that jump into the credits with an abrupt transition to a great song and this is one of my all time favorites, the transition from the extremely grim “where are they now” moments (also my favorite version of that gimmick) is just so good

I still haven’t rewatched it yet but recently have begun to accept the fact that American Graffiti is probably just my favorite movie. I spent most of my young adult life thinking I would one day outdo it but since I no longer have artistic ambition I’ll just be happy that the star wars man made the movie that says more about my stupid hometown than I’ll ever be able to. One movie about that place is probably enough


is it just my screen atm or do the lads look like cgi guys in profile

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The Matrix ending with the RATM track is good shit. I don’t even need to link the video.


Without doubt