[BD21] Nymphoides

Here’s my game for the Bakedown, please try it!

Web Version: https://cake.neocities.org/nymphoides/

Pico-8 Cartridge PNG: https://cake.neocities.org/nymphoides/nymphoides.p8.png

Windows zip pretending to be a pdf:
nymphoides_windows.pdf (1.1 MB)

Linux zip pretending to be a pdf:
nymphoides_linux.pdf (661.5 KB)

Mac-Osx zip pretending to be a pdf:
nymphoides_osx.pdf (3.2 MB)

Raspberry-Pi zip pretending to be a pdf:
nymphoides_raspi.pdf (1.4 MB)

Linux, Mac and Pi are untested.

Some sections have flashing, not really full screen but maybe enough to annoy, ymmv.

I would turn the sound off, it’s a bit repetitive.

I will try to work out a better zip hosting solution at some point but atm i’m too tired to continue my journey.

Hope you enjoy the game!!!


“next wave: terrible skull” and then a ton of skulls flying at me and instantly killing me had me rolling lol


honestly all these enemy names have an understated humor to them that’s very amusing to me.

also some cool effects in here and a lot of simple but effective enemy ideas. neat little game!

edit: shit i wasn’t careful!


VERY good game. High quality ideas. 540pts first try

I didn’t realize there was autofire I played it like galaga :woman_facepalming:

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the cakes are mean! which is perfect

btw, what is this thing happening when i push up?


thank you for the kind words!

slime, are you able to get past the skulls with a single shot? i feel like it would only be possible for me if i got lucky

aislesgrises, holding up just makes the game harder (turns off screen clearing, i just left it in because i didnt have time to make a hyperspace button)


My favorite so far are the misguiding lanterns, just what exactly are they up to? Furthest I got was the realistic snake and it immediately killed me hahah.

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i made a quick version with a single shot that starts at the skull wave: Terrible Skull

(you can still use autofire when at close quarters tho, maybe i should remove that idk)


first world problem but my keyboard doesn’t have arrow keys, does the options sub-menu when I press escape contain the ability to rebind controls, or am I just screwed out of playing all these PICO-8 games?

i think maybe you can override them with the pico-8 config file

(on my windows its in \AppData\Roaming\pico-8 )
setting is “button_keys”
i’m not sure which codes it wants in there tho
left and right are the first two numbers (maybe)

i will make a version with the P2 controls (sfed) controlling the ship as well, which platform are you on?

thanks! I’m on the Mac

oh um maybe that file only exists if you have the pico-8 kit, not sure if it appears with just the exported binary

anyway if you do have it
button_keys 54 55 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

should make , and . left and right

If anyone else on a Mac is looking for the file (probably not) it’s at:
/Users/sakurina/Library/Application Support/pico-8/config.txt

This is neat, I’ll play it for real once I get off work! Thanks!

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i got to the cakes the first time around and then died

i love that you have 3 different ships that are different colors, and i love this as an exploration of “alternate universe galagas” if you will

good game!!

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dont worry about it, being able to shoot faster in close quarters is a standard going as far back as space invaders and having it be autofire is just a good friend against rsi


in case anyone needed a version with both 1P and 2P keys controlling the ship


nymphoidesc_linux.pdf (661.6 KB) nymphoidesc_osx.pdf (3.2 MB) nymphoidesc_raspi.pdf (1.4 MB) nymphoidesc_windows.pdf (1.1 MB)

Web version:
Pico-8 PNG Cartridge:

Played this for about 20 minutes while waiting for a call, it’s pretty fun! The cakes love to fuck me up!

I don’t know if this is was an intentional decision, but you can die on purpose to farm kills: a perfect run through the first wave gets out of there with a score of 20, but someone who dies a couple times may end up with 50. Maybe there should be some sort of bonus mechanic to reward flawless play… or maybe you’ll just make it up by dying later and farming kills that are worth more? Honestly it’s probably fine as is but food for thought

My high score so far is 783.


until yesterday you only had one life, so when i added extra lives i solved the farming problem in the easiest way i could think of - there’s a large bonus for each extra life you complete the game with


oh yeah i forgot that when i was playing this i thought

“this game has autofire so is immediately better than Rym 9000”

but i forgot it before i posted

Huh, strange. Rym 9000 definitely has autofire on PS4. Wonder if it’s like publisher deal or something that stops them from updating the Steam version with it?