baba is stuck



Fall-A Literacy is incredible semiotics


I’ve spent 30 more minutes thinking about this And but still can’t solve this


Oh no! Getting the swap is like half the puzzle so the rest is basically a linchpin.

  1. What tile or tiles would need to move to solve the puzzle?

  2. How do you move something that isn’t yourself?

  3. It’s a combination of two rules ANDed together that allows you to move other tiles you wouldn’t normally be able to interact with.

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“Fall - Extra 3: Deep Pool” is suuuch a good level. Holy shit!

(Just a screenshot of the level; not a solution).

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I liked this one but I’m still high over ‘Literacy’ and I’ve gone back to do it 4 times now


also poor keke

I love that I feel like I can build a mini-archetype for the lumpy, unappreciated Keke out of how the levels abuse them


“look, keke, you’re my rock”


Thanks !! I did it and moved on to other impossible puzzles

I’m at 140 puzzles cleared, every new one fills me with dread


Nice! That’s more than me. I’m sitting at like 95 or so.


SONNICK is catching up is late is having fun.


Seriously though, i think this game pushes the right buttons in the programmer-part of my brain and i started playing around with what the grammar allows and its implications quicker than you normally would, i.e. right from the start.

So far, felt like it uses some of my picross skills which haven’t been used for too long, and i had a blast in the first hour i’ve spent with it.

Looking forward to catching up!


Heavy Words took me an hour, the followup puzzle changes like one tile and took me another hour, the two combined are one of the most tight pieces of level design ive ever seen


I’m still going, I’m at a part of the game so hidden I swear I’ll find the meaning of life here somewhere

I’ve been stuck on this one beyond the obvious « flag is win » solution


I don’t even know what my goal is here. Level is text??

The alphabet world ruled, they kept reinventing the wheel that far into the game!?

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I got a second ending and I’m done for now!

I’m not gathering these orbs

The very last hidden world was frustrating!

Turning the level select into an actual meta level is clever but makes the game extremely linear and makes just changing a level a difficult experience, which ruins part of the appeal

“Level near flag is win” though was… so clever. Very fittingg as the last puzzle.

Overall Baba is you is, uh, way better than any game released in 2018

Edit: new puzzle : find out what’s wrong with these spoiler brackets



spoiler brackets need
to be formatted like this
to work with line breaks

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I forgot to fix this! Sorry


back on the horse, picked this back up again today and did space 6 and 9 so now I have 6 worlds clear

progress is pretty slow at this point but the good news is that there’s no real problem with taking a long break before going back to it