Awesome NFTs Done Quick 2022 (AGDQ)

Just saw that the Schedule for the usual speedrunners/watchers delight,

and there are a few I am looking forward to,
Deathloop, Ori, Hitman47, We <3 Katamari, Sonic block, It takes two…

as every year, let’s see where the runners/commentary adds to the experience/which run is worth watching.

Feel free to add recommendations if you know the runners (because i don’t), the game, maybe even the type of running done (or if you did it yourself).


Very excited for this. I am in the speedrun viewing mood right now.

Screen Shot 2022-01-08 at 14.49.41
now thats what i call speed runnin


nnnnoowwww thhhhaaatttsss whhhhhaaaatttt iiii calllllllllll

Screen Shot 2022-01-08 at 14.51.34



the ffxiii speedruns rule


Waiting for the 24hr Awesome Geoguessers Done Quick


agdq 2022

sad that there’s no way I can possibly be awake to watch these live


ff13 is by far the coolest and most sophisticated rpg speedrun i’ve ever seen, especially in the second half. highly recommend watching

the world record run is incredible


just bumping to recommend people watch the Super Monkey Ball race (great commentary/game is just fast and fun to watch in general) and the Pumpkin Jack run (newer indie game speedruns can be real hit or miss but this one had a lot of cool tricks and also the dude got a world record)

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just caught a bit of Mail Mole yesterday, which looks like it has a nice flow to it,

and saw about 2/3rds of Webbed, where the runner wasn’t even sure whether he broke the world record with a smooth run.

Seems like I’m catching only the lowbrow stuff so far, it’s cool :sunglasses:

It’s happening NOW


i feel weird to say but i’m actually going to miss those bird creatures that make up the fake audience whenever they resume in person. mostly because of the annoying couple people who would sit there in the intermissions and flap their stupid hats around.


Every GDQ Online pushes me closer to supporting permanent lockdown. Uh, yeah, COVID Zero, vaccines aren’t enough, save lives, that’s why.

This Pokemon run features the most powerful heel turn I think I’ve ever seen. It’s honestly impressive.

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Really? I find it really hard to get excited about these online-only GDQs. GDQ just doesn’t feel as special anymore. The GDQ channel is almost always streaming something, and the lack of an in-person audience and a sense of the vibe in the room just makes it feel no different than any other speed run stream I could be watching any day of the week. It doesn’t feel like an event to me, it feels like persistent background noise.


To be honest, as grumpy as I get about the too-loud nerds yelling HYPE, I do miss the feel of the real thing (particularly for late nights). This version makes me cringe less often though.


I would pay a startling amount for a 24-hour Geoguessr channel.


Loved the geoguesser run.

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This Keep Talking and No One Explodes run that is just one person defusing the bomb with complete knowledge about the manual totally just kills the fun of this game. What a dumb run.


oh my god I thought that meguh men 2 run was gonna be obnoxious but it’s the next day and I’m STILL thinking about the runners awesome enthusiasm

the kazoos were annoying at first but I got used to them or just didn’t care since the runner was so great

he dragged the donation reader to co host since she’s never seen the game before, which made the run so much better because she just kept misidentifying characters as other NES game chars and pretending this was some kind of crossover game. I love runs like that. awful block not being primetime is just ignorant at this point

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I love a first generation lord