Australian Bushfire Charity Jam!

I organised a thing! Click the link for more details! But basically, make a game! We’ll sell it in a bundle, and all the proceeds will go to battling the bushfire crisis in Australia (which is very bad right now)


This is a very good thing to do! Thanks for organizing it. I signed up and will try to make something in the timeframe, but I’ve been having trouble with new ideas lately.

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yeah i doubt i’ll submit anything but thank you for running this

i go back to work next week but I’m also gonna try to submit something.

Finished my first game for the jam, a simple but hopefully amusing game about drop bears.


Whoa, I didn’t realise it was you who is hosting this! I’ll try and make something for it!

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There is one week left of the jam! Please keep spreading the word!

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Second game DONE


//sweating profusely// I’m pretty sure i can get this done by monday :cold_sweat:



I made a game! It’s done and ready to go. My ideal would be to have it be bundle-exclusive right off the bat so no one pays me for it only for that money to go to me and not the charities lined up… there’s probably no way to do that, though.

At any rate, I’ll post it tomorrow!


I can arrange that! Don’t add it to the jam yet, I’ll contact you when the jam is wrapped up.

Sounds good! I’ll hold onto it for now.

Scrambled in a final game, KOALA KWEST

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And that’s a wrap! Gonna take me a little while to get everything together, but thank you to everyone who took part!

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i did it. i submitted on time. whee~
hoo boy i am pooped. but i did it, and i wasn’t sure that i would.
here it is:
It’s sad, and all you can do is die and think about how much everything sucks. But you can die in a few different ways (3 i think?) if that’s interesting to anyone. and I think it looks pretty cool. Maybe I’ll make an aussie rpg with this aesthetic; where you run around and punch brumbies and cane toads to death.

Thanks for hosting this, @Sykel. I haven’t made anything new in ages so this was a blast.


I’m glad to see a few more games came in–will def have to play through them soon/when the bundle comes out.

@Sykel, hmu to let me know when/how/what to do with my game. I’ve never held onto anything this long after finishing it.

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If you haven’t already, you can setup a page for it, just keep it unlisted for now

holy hell

(hi zach)

NOTE: If you started a game but didn’t make the deadline, there is still time! It will be a few days before I get everything together. Just please LET ME KNOW TODAY OR TOMORROW, so I know to wait to hear from you!

(hi zeiya)