Australian Bushfire Charity Jam!

I organised a thing! Click the link for more details! But basically, make a game! We’ll sell it in a bundle, and all the proceeds will go to battling the bushfire crisis in Australia (which is very bad right now)


This is a very good thing to do! Thanks for organizing it. I signed up and will try to make something in the timeframe, but I’ve been having trouble with new ideas lately.

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yeah i doubt i’ll submit anything but thank you for running this

i go back to work next week but I’m also gonna try to submit something.

Finished my first game for the jam, a simple but hopefully amusing game about drop bears.


Whoa, I didn’t realise it was you who is hosting this! I’ll try and make something for it!

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There is one week left of the jam! Please keep spreading the word!

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Second game DONE

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