Atlanta (the tv show)

The best show this decade outside of Twin Peaks.

Really good premiere. When I saw Katt Williams, I wondered if it was Katt Williams, couldn’t be sure without his long shiny locks (good performance btw).

Hiro Murai is an outstanding director on the series. Puts just about every prestige tv drama to shame in that regard. Really excited that Amy Seimetz is going to direct an episode.

Florida Man is real.


i loved the first season v much

v excited to watch the new one

not much else to say but yeah hype

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same, loved the first season, thought it was amazing

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a shootout at mrs. winner’s is the most atlanta thing possible y’all don’t even know


I really liked Season 1 but I don’t have cable now so I’m missing out :frowning:

here ya go!:



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Thank you, this show rules

man I need to watch season 1 tv is confusing these days they got like a million services and shit. I can watch the first episode of season 2 online on some fx site but they don’t have season 1. I could pay amazon, but, like, fuck. I think I looked for torrents once or twice and failed. what happened to you, internet

no, really, rarbg

i think the first season is on hulu now too

i know, i know, it’s no rarbg


last week’s episode was so good, I’m just watching it now

real glad that sword paid off

I was a bit puzzled at s02e2. E[spoiler]arn is always scraping for money. He finally gets a bunch, via some means I’m not sure if we the viewer were even involved in (I don’t remember) and he kinda seems happy. Then he mindlessly hands ALL of it off for a scheme to double it. And hardly seems upset that he basically lost the money. It didn’t really feel in character and the whole episode was pretty self contained. I mean I don’t see how it, the second episode, advanced or set up any threads.

I mean, I guess it could be setting up that the reason Earn is broke is because he doesn’t know how to keep money. But until we have a reaffirmation on that, I remain with a wasted space feeling on this episode.[/spoiler]

it was a really funny episode

I think it was the dog money from season one coming through. And yeah, I agree w/ Felix it was a funny episode and I’m not terribly concerned w/ serialization or continuity in my comedies.

the setups for every episode this season are solid gold

for real

make a special edition of seinfeld where they digitally replace kramer with bibby


I really want to know how much of Bibby’s dialogue was scripted vs. improvised.