art of rally

does anyone around here plays it?

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A few people are! It’s on my list of things to play in the future

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no but if it scratches the V-Rally type itch I might give it a shot

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Yes, I still play it. Got about 150 hours dropped into it so far, do the daily race most days. Posted about it a little bit in the car games thread in KoP and in the Games You Played Today thread.

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after falling in love with dirt rally this year i picked this up and wanted to like it more than i did but i only played it for about an hour, i keep meaning to try again!

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i wanna play this a lot, i hope it comes to switch now that absolute drift has

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oh shit, I actually gave up on this thread.
sorry guys… I kinda forgothen axe’s rhythm.

I personally don’t play rally cars. Not even turismo car games (well, played GT for PSX to 100%).
But I usually do drifting games. One fine example is the arcade Initial D games which I keep coming back to… but failing (no really… I need a wheel to play that game as I want to/visualize).

A friend told me about absolute drift my last “I need a drift fix”, but I ignored it.
This new fix I bumped into art of rally, got both in a bundle, and 100% absolute drift in 3 days.
But the simplicity (like… good arcade-simulator balance) really got me as plenty of rally games don’t (Sega Rally did it but… no really I am horrible at that game can’t even unlock the Stratos -___-).

Might but you might be thrown off by the camera.

Dunno if you played Absolute Drift, but I’m not sorry for setting myself into 100% that game before playing art of rally. It is a nice introduction to the system and it’s pretty small.

Anyways… Whoever has the game probably noticed that it got updated (hell… it was DLC-like content for free). With it the possibility of creating your own liveries.

I know there’s a thread for visual art, probably will make a few posts there, but I wouldn’t mind starting a “thing” here so:

Also in case you guys feel like getting them:

Basically I’m doing a Wip3out 3 The Designer’s Republic homage with the old-school car group in the game.

Kinda feel like I could do one different Wipeout per group, but I’ll look into that later.


Deci, those are gorgeous.

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Thanks. =)

For whoever didn’t download, there’s actually 3 versions per livery.

The pictures have the rally version, then you get another with only the Team Logos, and a final clean one with no logos (except then they are actually part of the colors outlines).

Oh yeah… almost forgot to ask.
If anyone knows where to find the Auricom logo in vectorial graphics (for W3 only) I would be thankful for a heads-up.

Best I can find is this:

1175x658px, PNG, loseless (meaning no bullshit JPEG noise… please internets… give up on JPEG… mobiles can decompress zip images faster than a blind D=).

However I have no transparencies, that white is really white D=
At that resolution, the best white-outline remover will only do a “bleah” job.



Took less time than I imagined, still more time than I wished for.
Anyways, Axe is probably the worst place to post this and keep it for posterity (no actually is NOT the place), but who cares. I always posted this shit on axe.

I guess if you guys wanna use it for whatever purposes… I don’t mind at all.
I hope the quality is enough. The smallest logo (not lettering), almost fill my 1080p screen.

Left the TM out cause I don’t want to fully copy the logo.
Respect for TDR


And… result:

Probably my favorite livery from the bunch.
Kasia’s favorite is Pirhana =O


And that’s all for the Group 2.
Great homage or whatever.


Ok changed the place for the thread. More fitting because I am thinking about continuing with this stuff.

I have completed the this first small The Designers Republic homage project, by creating liveries for the art of rally’s Group 2 cars inspired in Wip3out ship’s liveries. (I have no idea how to write this sentence).

Anyways, did a small gallery with photos (showing off results):

You can also download them here if you have the game yourselves:

Good stuff, happy with it.

Yet… I am not satisfied.
Kinda want to do more so… I thought “Why not do all cars? Why not redo even Group 2, and creating a somewhat parallel between the art of rally car groups, and the Wipeout titles?”

Kinda of a big thing here, but I have decided to tackle it.

Soon as I started thinking it the first problem is made obvious, the numbers don’t match.
Wipeout has 7 cannon time frames, while art of rally has 6.
For Wipeout you have (lore chronology):

  • Wipeout 2048 - A.G.R.C. League (not really)
  • Wipeout - F3600 League
  • Wipeout 2097/XL/64 - F5000 League
  • Wip3out - F7200 League
  • Wipeout Fusion - F9000 League
  • Wipeout Pure - FX300 League
  • Wipeout Pulse - FX400 League

(FX350 league, although it has super better resolution graphics compared to Pure, it is just a remaster of the same liveries for the most part).

As for art of rally you have: Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, Group B, Group S, and Group A.
On top of that, the numbers of teams (Wipeout) per car (art of rally)… it’s a cluster fuck.

First I tried to leave Wipeout 2048 out of it because it had few teams and was not OG enough, but that was silly thinking.

Then I decided to follow a more “production” chronology.
Longer story short, after an hour or so and some papers around my desk with weird names, I came up with this list:

Group 2
  das 119i         | FEISAR       | Wipeout 1
  das 220          | Piranha      | Wipeout Fusion
  la montaine      | Xios         | Wipeout Fusion
  la regina        | AG-Systems   | Wipeout 1
  le gorde         | Quirex       | Wipeout 1
  the esky v1      | Auricom      | Wipeout 1
  the meanie       | EG-R         | Wipeout Fusion

Group 3
  das 119e         | FEISAR       | Wipeout 2097
  il cavallo 803   | Van-Uber     | Wipeout Fusion
  il nonno 313     | Harimau      | Wipeout Pulse
  la hepta         | Quirex       | Wipeout 2097
  la wedge         | AG-Systems   | Wipeout 2097
  the esky v2      | Auricom      | Wipeout 2097
  the pebble v1    | EG-X         | Wipeout Pulse
  the pebble v2    | Mirage       | Wipeout Pulse
  the rotary 3     | Piranha      | Wipeout 2097
  the zetto        | Triakis      | Wipeout Pulse

Group 4
  das uberwhip     | Goteki       |  W
  das whip         | Piranha      |  I
  la longana       | Icaras       |  P
  la super montaine| Assegai      |  3
  le cinq          | Qirex        |  O
  the cozzie sr5   | Auricom      |  U
  the original     | AG-Systems   |  T
  turbo brick      | FEISAR       | \o/

Group B
  das hammer v1    | Harimau      |  W
  das hammer v2    | Goteki       |  I
  das hammer v3    | FEISAR       |  P
  das uberspeedvan | ZONE SHIP    |  E  - This car is a special one, hence zone
  il cavallo 882   | Van-Uber     |  O
  il gorilla 4s    | AG-Systems   |  U
  il monster       | Tigron       |  T
  le 502           | Assegai      |
  le cinq b        | Quirex       |  P
  the 4r6          | Icaras       |  U
  the cozzie sr2   | Auricom      |  R
  the cozzie sr71  | Triakis      |  E
  the rotary b7    | Piranha      | \o/

Group S
  das eibenhammer  | FEISAR       |  Wipeout
  das superbaus    | Auricom      | \o/
  il gorilla e1    | Icaras       |  P
  il gorilla e2    | AG-Systems   |  U
  le 504           | Assegai      |  L
  the rotary s7    | Piranha      |  S
  the t22          | Qirex        |  E
  the umibozu      | Goteki       | \o/

Group A
  il gorillona     | AG-Systems   | Wipeout \o/
  the cozzie 90    | Auricom      |   2     \o/
  the fujin        | Pir-Hana     |   0     \o/
  the liftback     | FEISAR       |   4     \o/
  the max attack   | Qirex        |   8     \o/

I know the majority of you guys doesn’t have the game (art of rally).
But for those who have, and whoever wants to thrown an opinion or comment, please do.

I feel comfortable posting this here, and I value this forum’s opinions (for the most part =P).

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i love the original liveries they’ve created for wipeout and ridge racer, and am reminded of my early livery work i did for Nascar 1, Indycar 1, Indycar 2, Nascar 3 and much, much later in Forza Motorsport 3/4.

For a few occasions, i tend to fumble around with Horizon4s/FM7s editors, often just to alter the impression of the car by hiding/accentuating line(s) or creases, but never really got into the mood to create a new livery.

I will upload some pictures i took in FM3/4!

also, it is fun to guess which car is which, based on the faux names.

Shall I ruin your fun for you: <- car’s real names

You seem to play and like racing car games much more than me (I do drifting games… completely different thing), so I actually picture you liking to own this game for the same of… cuteness.

The entire game is laid out with you having… erm… a budha statue as your “master” as you try to master the art of rally. The statue shows up when you start the game, and when you finish career mode.

The game… actually has a (gonna love to say this) “souls-like” narrative (uuuh, while gameplay on dark souls I call metroidvania… I’m such a rebel).
Meaning, you can skip and ignore the text, but you actually have a timeline and a piece of lore for each car, group, and maybe some tracks or places? Before you know it… the world is already built, set, and cemented in your mind.

Also… the guy who actually wrote the lore is either portuguese or brazilian.
But I am really gonna weight on portuguese. Rally is big here, and so is portugal for rally players (enough hard but very fun I’ve heard plenty of times). And to add… some of the lore jokes are pretty much the jokes I heard during my childhood on more rural environments.

As for the gameplay, I think I’ve said it, but I feel like deepening it:
The maths are correct. It is basically the theory of how the various types of traction works, on the various terrains (not like Absolute Drift which had a constant perfect concrete ground).
But they didn’t went to deep (probably because indie), which left the game on that point where it works well, but is arcad-ish enough to make it less… serious than a simulator.

The minimalist graphics throw off some more avid car game players because… you are used to absolute perfection on those. Seriously, you can pretty much go back to the PS3 generation and compare the background of even a Ridge Racers with any other 3rd person game and shit.
Graphics don’t lag, and very expansive, and have superbly beautiful compositions (no, i’m not gonna talk about quality because that is only a matter of hardware power, and has much as other people like to measure their penises with how much money they spend on machines, all that is absolutely irrelevant to design apart from the engineering restrictions).
But the graphics still have a very deep charm… for me at least. I always had plenty of small toy cars. Family members would visit me from time to time and bring me a new car toy (you know, fits on a palm, metal and plastic ones, not micromachines and bigger than those).
I never go much for a sense of nostalgia, but this graphics really hit close to home there. Right from the start I felt I was back to the “world” in my head when playing with those toys.

BTW… sound track is excellent (no really, fucking amazing with a special Eurobeat, Initial D homage track called "Do it for Takumi!, just saying “the original”). The sole composer actually has a few albums out there, and he showed up once when I was streaming the game and gave away a bunch of codes to redeem the OST. Cool guy.

A small add here: dunno why but the progression of career mode feels so much like a PSX car game. But that’s probably because Gran Turismo (1) was the only serious car game I played.

I dunno… it’s weird for me because I usually just go for “alternative” racing games (wipeouts, drifting games, 2D rally games, no car fighting games though, just wanna “feel” the alternative mechanics I guess). So the feeling of enjoying this game is almost uncanny for me.


have been kinda split on whether I shall dump the screencaps in this thread, or the KoP-topic, and decided to spam them in the KoP topic after all, since they do not belong to art of rally.

the only livery that really fits the tone/this topic is the TVR Sagaris with the Ace Combat universe livery. I wanted this car to look like it could mingle among Ridge Racer liveries, so first I needed a car that could pass off as a faux/virtual car only, and the TVR fit that bill. Lowered suspension, rear wing + front wing, tuned to some class limit iirc and that was it for the car.
The camo-inspired paintjob was a nod to the sponsor, Gründer Industries, a weapon manufacturer in the AC-universe. IDK if back then FM3/FM4 also came with a camo-livery by default, like FM7/FH4 (FH3 also iirc) nowadays do, but I wanted the angular paintjob to mask some of the flowing lines of the car. The blocks used for the camo-livery maybe is a design from one of the AC Zero planes, not too sure anymore.
Random stacking of the elements on both sides means the cameo does not properly wrap around, but that’s masked kinda well by the busy lines, and as a whole, it kinda blended in well with the wild creases in the bonnet/rear fenders.

OBC logo is straight from AC Zero cutscenes, so both sponsors are canon, whereas Samsung obv isn’t - I had been close to the limit on one of the sides (not all surfaces allowed 1000 objects in FM3), but at least the location (airforce base) is canon as well (n.b.: 24h race on an airforce base … if you think of the sebring 12h, it surely must be brutal on the cars, not sure if the Sagaris would last, but since the location is in the mountains :sunglasses: ) The racing-number… might have been an air squad, not so sure about that.

Racing that car on the track where these pictures were taken was nice, since there were some places where sun/shadow were cast across the track, and made the livery look even more camo-esque.
In hindsight, I am pretty pleased with it, considering that it has been a decade+ ago.

so much for the faux Ace Combat universe liveries…

Ok I’ve done all of the art of rally gr.3 car liveries.
I’ll do a post with pictures afterwards, a big one, all of them.
But the thing is I haven’t been posting this because @SUPERSONNICK baiting me into the car thread.

But I feel more at easy to babble here and I’ll start posting the livery photos here when I’m done with them.

And now the subject why I’m here, I’ve been polling.
So after gr.3 liveries are done, I’m going to start with the liveries in the gr.3.
Cool thing about group 3 is that the number of cars matches perfectly with Wipeout 3.
So… it’s a kind of magic.

das uberwhip (1981 BMW M1 ) have been decided for Team AG-Systems, is not the time for
das whip (1987 BMW M3 )

Team AG-Systems knocked down, 7 teams to go.
I know I had this plan before, and if I went with it das uberwhip would be team goteki45, but it’s going to be ag-s. dune.

I’ll try to keep you guys posted.

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art of rally is a tiny rally game that has been filling my imaginary for the past weeks.
With the last update the game got a feature that allows you to draws the “skins” for the game’s cars.

As you know I started with group 2, and filled it up. But that was the end of that story.
I started a new one that I will draw a new livery (skin) for each car of the game. Each livery from a different team in a different tittle of the Wipeout franchise.

Recently I have finished the entire Group 3, with 10 cars from the 70s.

I wanted to do the entire group with Wipeout XL liveries, but it only has 5 teams.
I got the other from Wipeout Pulse mostly, and one from Fusion. Disguised them all of Wipeout XL’s F5000 League vehicles.

Into the good stuff, the cars:

And I think that’s all of them.

If you have the game, and wanna try the liveries out, seach me around
Alternatively you can download all the liveries for this group here.
I created a single archive pack with all liveries, all sizes, all variations.


i really dig the van uber 308 GTB, it looks like it was designed with this livery in mind, jesus.

I didn’t get the game yet, but driving around in these liveries alone is worth it! Watching those pictures of your liveries takes me back to 1998, where i was into Champcar liveries/modding in CART racing (Indycar 2?) from Papyrus.
It makes me happy just remembering those times, since they have a special place in my heart, and i am grateful for that!


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