─∗⋅◈⋅∗─ ARCADE GAMES ─∗⋅◈⋅∗─

i love’em, you love’em

let’s talk about arcade games

i love flicky! flicky is great. of course time pilot is magical, everybody loves time pilot. puzzle bobble is hard to beat! and what about berzerk, what a magical game! or hard drivin’, the game that cost like a dollar to play so it was considered a goddamn luxury to crack your windshield on the first hill and run out of time immediately.

fucken… arcade games




i am thinking about that burgertime video @ellaguro posted now

My favourite Defender clone (even more than Defender itself!).


wow that cacophonous arcade sound. i wonder if that’s entirely accurate to the board or if mame is making it more strident than usual. either way the game looks great! 1991 huh, that’s neat as hell

oh right i’ve been playing space invaders 1977 and that game is really great but extremely hard. i should probably look up some superplays to see what the best order to aim for the invaders is

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i wonder if that’s entirely accurate to the board or if mame is making it more strident than usual.

Yea, I’m gonna go with mame on that one, haha!

this thread is prompted by having set up my raspberry pi on a crt and just digging through the big list of games and messing around. arcade games are the best, arcade games forever

i love donkey kong and pac-man, i might need to figure out a way to get a 4-way gate on my 8bitdo arcade stick in order to get the full monty experience


i am convinced that q*bert is the work of the devil


I sure love Puchi Carat and Cleopatra Fortune


Missile Command

Omg I love trackballss


important coinops purely based on their presence in various sports/youth club/campsite buildings i visited when small:

in the hunt
snow bros
mechanized attack
new zealand story


this one?


i don’t currently have a computer good enough for mame, so i am having to settle for console ports. i think i’ve come close to clearing a loop of slap fight on mega drive :open_mouth:
i have a copy of chrono trigger on the way, so when i set up my ps3 to play that, i’ll probably also play some of the many ps1 arcade puzzle games i have.
including puchi carat, landmaker, magical drop 3, magical drop f, and probably some more. i used to hae a copy of cleopatra fortune long ago, but i don’t think i do anymore.
if you play puchi carat enough, you realise that the rules are pretty much exactly like puzzle bobble, but with arkanoiding instead of colour sniping

good news: this is one of my favourite arcade games! if you go to arcade club in leeds, they have it upstairs. maybe it’s the actual same cab you played as a kid, i can’t imagine there were many of them in the uk


i will play mach breakers with anyone at any time


My country never really had an arcade culture as far as I’m aware (I know there were some kinds of video game arcades in the USSR in general, but none specifically in Lithuania, and if any venues have arcade machines nowadays it’s probably a pure novelty) so it took me a while to warm up to them, but I’ve been growing to enjoy them. Shoutouts to Yakuza 0 letting me visit a virtual arcade and get some kind of glimpse of the intended vibe. Great selection of games in there too, I’ve been playing OutRun nearly every day recently.


Have you played petal crash!!? It’s really inspired by Puchi Carat. The developer has written a short development diary over at the insert credit forums, where she talks about being influenced by Puchi Carat’s approach to narrative and character development.

For what it’s worth, petal crash!! might actually be one of my favourite games of the year? I’ve only been playing it for a couple of weeks, so I might just be very smitten with it at the moment, but for me it just perfectly captures and builds on what was so great about arcade puzzle action games of the late 90s/early 2000s. It’s such a pure and sincere little game and I really hope more people play and appreciate it!

Since I’m in the mood, what are some of our favourite arcade puzzle action games? I’ve heard good things about Land Maker, but I might need to pick up a PS1 to play it…


My first arcade cab in a long gone mall basement Aladdin’s Castle, Taito’s dystopic-future take on Space Harrier

Might also be one of my first games I can remember playing, if not SMS’ Astro Warrior/Hang-On cart.


these games are awful, i love it


i have played daikaiju no gyakushu so many times, wishing that someday, it’ll magically become good

since people are talking about ancient single screen shooters at the start of the thread, why not try sasuke vs commander? it’s by snk and you shoot ninjas out of the sky then avoid their falling corpses


I used to play Super Mario Bros. a lot in the arcade because I was not allowed to have a Nintendo Entertainment System. When I finally saved up and bought a NES of my own, I was able to beat the game the first night because the home version was a lot easier.

The only arcade game that I ever really played with my dad was Xevious. They had it at a Mexican buffet restaurant where we’d go when I was a kid. That restaurant chain used to have many locations in several states but now seems to be limited to two spots in Texas.

When I was playing Vindicators in an outdoor arcade with a friend, the game ate one of our quarters. A guy working there opened it up and hit a switch repeatedly, giving us more than enough credits to play through the whole game for free. That outdoor arcade was part of an outdoor mall, which was the first place I ever encountered pizza sold by the slice.

The arcade game I’ve played more than any other is almost certainly Victory Road. But these ones are in the running:

  • Final Fight
  • Forgotten Worlds
  • Side Arms
  • Smash TV
  • Snow Bros.
  • Strider
  • Strikers 1945
  • Time Soldiers
  • U.N. Squadron