aqua vita

I ordered a $99 refurbished Vita because I am not smart.

What do I do with it now?

Thank you for your time and help.


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Do you own a toilet? You should flush it when it arrives.

Since you bought a OLED model system, your first order of business is to drop another 15-40 bucks on a memory card. Save a few physical releases, you literally cannot do anything with your system without a memory card.

16 GB for 20 bucks, and that’s honestly the smallest you should go because odds are pretty good you and the PSN Store are gonna get to know each other really well soon.

Do you have PS+? Have you been claiming your free games? If so, then you have a pretty decent and varied library of the better indies and a few of the bigger releases. You can also check since a bunch of PS3 and 4 indies are crossbuy and now you get those for free on your Vita.

Did you want to play PSOne games? If so, burn your Vita and buy a PSP.

I also recommend you learn Japanese or acquire a taste for anime and/or fan-service.

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no :frowning:

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starting a fund to buy shrug a toilet to flush his new old Vita down


You should await Severed with bated breath until its release. You should probably not do what I’m going to, which is buy a bunch of trashy JRPGs/dungeon crawlers.

I’m still on the fence about whether getting a Vita TV was a mistake. Time will tell.

PSTV’s got a hack that enables them to play all Vita games, even those that aren’t whitelisted, with touchscreen emulation via the DS3. You should do some research on it.

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Yeah if you’ve been redeeming your PS+ games you got quite the collection. Should note that PS1 games are running through the PSP emulation so they don’t look exactly as sharp as everyone claims they do. They still look good.

The Vita is a fantastic piece of hardware.

If you can enjoy high school anime Persona 4 is going to give you a lot of good times.

You can join me in hating Steins;gate (don’t do this.)

You can’t get Oh Deer or Tuffy anymore. that sucks let me tell you. Oh Deer is great.

It’s a good way to play Dragon’s Crown. There’s also Muramasa which still just exists for it’s art style.

People that aren’t me like Spelunky. You can Fez on it. You can Shovel Knight on it. You can Super Meat Boy on it. You can Luftrausers on it. You can La Mulana EX on it. You can Titan Souls on it. You can Divekick on it with crossplatform multi. You can Jet Set Radio on it. You can Sanik Kart 2 on it.

We should organize a Freedom Wars Night (I haven’t played Freedom Wars at all yet.)

Oh, I was actually thinking about this recently. I have the actual game but if we’re going to do this we should let people know to pick it up on PSN while it’s a free PS+ game. It feels like several people here recently picked up a Vita or Vita TV.

I’ve informed botagel I might need some help with this one.

I’ve only picked up the free ps+ games sometimes over the years when something really struck me, just for, since I never really figured I’d pick one of these up? Oh well.

I “bought” Freedom Wars tonight but shipping on the beast itself should be a couple weeks maybe idk.

Fuck it has a Killzone :frowning:

A lot of people consider it the best Killzone, I guess because being handheld forced the game to be more concise. I never played too much of it but I felt the levels were a little bit long for a handheld game.

There’s this other shooter that came out at the beginning of the Vita’s life cycle that was a score-based shooter like The Club. I can’t remember its name but I’ve been meaning to check it out.

Unit 13? It’s… okay. Killzone is a better shootman and it’s not Tony Hawk enough to compare to The Club. If you lucked out, KZ was on PS+, which is good because it’s ~4 hour game. It’s actually pretty good right up until the last boss, which was some terrible nonsense.

If you grabbed Dragon’s Crown when it was a Plus title, you should have the Vita version as well. The Vita version of Sanic Kart 2 is also kinda rough in the framerate department but it plays just like the full versions. Good thing it was free one Plus too~

Basically, nearly every game Sony made has passed through PS+ at some point. I think the only major hold out is Tearaway and you can just get that on the PS4 now.

Yeah and the demo is like an hour long which is probably as much Tearaway as you need.

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No one said Gravity Daze/Rush.

I don’t have a Vita so there might be a reason for that.

the vita is much better than the psp for playing ps1 and psp games, on account of the fact that it’s more comfortable to hold and it has a dpad with working diagonals.
having portable minecraft is nice too.
it’s almost sad when you see stuff like fifa and the like getting released on the vita, like, don’t these publishers know only smelly anime nerds own this console?
having said that, i wish it had a good wrestling game on it.

I would love to get in on a Freedom Wars night. My favourite experience on vita has been Persona 4 Golden. That game translates to a handheld experience really well. I’m also a big fan of how the Swapper looks on vita (and in general), which was also a PS+ game a while back.

learn japanese while you wait for new kawazu (peace be upon him) works

This falls under major Sony titles that were PS+ freebies and the remaster that’s out/coming out is better choice if you have a PS4.

If you own Wipeout HD/Fury on the PS3, pick up 2048; owning HD and Fury unlocks them as content in 2048 and then you have 3 games worth of Wipeout in your pocket (note: pocket must be larger than normal).

Holy fuck this is a Hot Tip thanks Notbov

You mean soon I can be terrible at wipeout in the palm of my hand??

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