aoty 2017


can we have a general topic where we round up our fav albums from this year?

in no particular order, artist - album - a track

Sampha - Process - BLOOD ON ME
King woman - Created in the image of suffering - full album stream
Chino Amobi - Paradiso - KOLLAPS

also s/o frank ocean loosies, kelela visuals, travis scott features, and kamasi washington’s ep

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Feels like I missed out on most of the albums this year. I’ve been dead all along.

Kesha’s Rainbow is easily her best work and probably my aoty if I gotta pick something.

Mother Mother put out No Culture this year and half of it fucking sucked. Curiously, the live sessions version lacked all of the bad songs, hmmmm.

Also I guess St. Vincent did a thing. I think she is great but I have never been truly hooked by her work.


I listened to these the most, but some potentially good albums came out rather recently and I haven’t given those enough time!

Baths - Romaplasm - Yeoman
Jay Som - Everybody Works - (Bedhead)
SZA - Ctrl - Garden (Say It Like Dat)

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enjoyed the ariel pink, chelsea wolfe & kedr livanskiy albums this year


I am obsessed with this song and the rest of Richard Dawson’s Peasent

Besides that I’ve mostly listened to a lot of hip-hop this year
Definitely recommend Brockhampton’s Saturation trilogy, three fantastic albums right there


Young Thug - Beautiful Thugger Girls

Playboi Carti - Playboi Carti


The new Gorillaz album was a big disappointment, but it had a few killer tracks on it. The whole thing is justified by this one mega cool bonus track that’s better than the entire album:


An excellent compilation of dreamy electronic music:

Cold and surreal ambient music for fans of James Ferraro and Oneohtrix Point Never:

The best reissue of the year, a bizarre Japanese ambient percussion/woodwind masterpiece from the 80’s that was recently rediscovered. Sounds exactly like being inside its cover art:

Cornelius returned with a surprisingly subdued album, but a good one, his most relaxing work and his best since Point:


Partner’s In Search of Lost Time is my everything this year, I think


migos - culture - t-shirt

boogarins - lá vem a morte - foimal

endon - through the mirror - your ghost is dead

ulver - the assassination of julius caesar - transverberation

yuki - mabataki - konnichiwa new world


davy kehoe - short passing game - storm desmond
kraut vibes from a kind dublin person, unlike anything, essential.

karen gwyer - rembo - yes but i didn’t know they were owls
wonderful weird dark synthy dance record.

the caretaker - everywhere at the end of time stages 2 & 3 - the way ahead feels lonely
the caretaker still making intensely sad strange ambient music about aging and memory loss.

V/A - mono no aware - Yves Tumor - Limerence
this is my favourite song from this year. it’s so special, pls listen to it.

Your Planet is Next - Down EP - Fay
weird dance music that has a sense of humour but is also interesting and good!

leon - bird world - popcorn castle
I listened to this record a lot. OST for a game that doesn’t exist.

mount eerie - a crow looked at me - swims
heart breaking and non-manipulative songs about loss.

ro gang - h.e.r. - boys club
trashy fun lo-fi indie from local boys (but with depth and heart too)

Khotin - New Tab - Dotty
reaaaaally good electronic album blending ambient synth stuff with field recordings and dancier stuff as well.

[BONUS] nap eyes - whine of the mystic - dark creedence
this album came out in 2014 but it guided me thru some tough times 2k17


that kendrick


i don’t listen to new music very much, but i liked

Migos - Culture
Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.
Gucci Mane - Drop Top Wop
Young Thug - Beautiful Thugger Girls

i enjoyed some of that Alvvays record. idk if it’s the same one felix linked or not or if it is older

Jute Gyte should go without saying because everything he’s ever put out is something you should listen to immediately. microtonal black metal? i don’t know the right metal adjectives.

Jute Gyte - Oviri -




just realized earlier that almost all albums i’ve listened to and wanted to mention here are from 2016, hummmm.
Moderats III, ANOHNIs Hopelessness, Agnes Obels Citizen of Glass, Tim Heckers Lovestream… all 2016 releases.

The few albums i’ve listened to this year didn’t really manage to grab my attention (yet?). So, considering the limited time i’ve spent with them, I guess that it’d be Charlotte Gainsbourg, Rest or Red Velvet, Perfect Velvet.




I luved this one. I listened to it all year.



This is some seriously hot stuff, especially the track you linked. Best use of clarinets in a long-form abrasive jam since Kayo Dot’s The Manifold Curiousity. I’ve always wondered why clarinets don’t get more play in this kind of music. Thanks for the recc!

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