aoty 2017


Came in here just to mention this because those dudes were great live and this album rules. Will think of more later.


I’d really recommend checking out stuff from the label it’s on, Wah Wah Wino. Their V/A album is pretty special, has some more Davy on it (Morgan & Davy - Craudrock). Morgan has been putting out cool kraut-flavoured things for a few years now too. This release in particular is greeeeeat!

Here is some music from the clarinetist on that Davy track. Had the pleasure of seeing him perform solo earlier in the year, super super nice.

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I had the idea for eluvium’s shuffle drones a long time ago—set of ambient pieces which can be played seamlessly in any order on repeat forever—but seeing as I have the musical knowledge and ability of a tree stump, I had to leave it to someone else to make. I’m an ideas man. eluvium made it. it is nice


I didn’t listen to a ton of new music this year either, so this is a list of 30.769% of the albums I heard from this year:

Ry - SOFT TOWN: An album composed entirely from Animal Crossing instruments, it’s not mind-blowing but it’s a real nice salve for the soul in the Year of our Luigi 2017.

Favorite Track: Noon (Outside)

Esselfortium - PC LOVE LETTER: It’s vaporwave that sounds like it was sampled, but was not sampled. Another relax-em-up. Real groovy in a way that a lot of vaporwave isn’t.

Favorite Track: Funeral Benefits

Neil Cicierega - Mouth Moods: It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the tiger, rising up to the tiger of our tiger.

Favorite Track: Tiger

Svetlana: The Space Adventures Of General Mibi - It’s an album composed for the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth soundfont, and it’s equal parts nostalgia and excellent composition. It sounds like how I imagine Math Blaster sounded, but never actually heard because the computer I played it on didn’t have a sound card or something. Anyway, it’s jammin.

Favorite Track: Spaceship, Repair Thyself.

I also liked Jamiroquai’s Automaton but not enough to write words about it (other than these)

God this list makes it obvious that I’m a hipster. Christ.



yaeji - EP and EP2
the tzusing LP and EP
octo octa - where are we going?
that new shit that kung fu kenny aka kendrick lamar - DAMN.
kelela - take me apart
drake - more life (lol)
dark0 - xenotype
vince staples - big fish theory
yusoul vol. 2 compilation
sawsin - motion keeper
celestrial trax - nothing is real
antigone - ostinato

i’m sure there’s more I’m missing

I also released an EP this year lol


I never talk about this here, but I listened to like… 300+ new metal releases this year.

Bad year for metal, tbh

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