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I just finished watching the first season of that newfangled anime myriad colors phantom world. I really enjoyed! it kind of seemed to begrudgingly go down the checklist of harem anime cliches and then promptly neglected doing anything with them in favor of having fairly well rounded characters and genuinely interesting subplots. no awkward forced romance or really any obnoxious fanservice (aside from like the first episode). I don’t know, it was extremely lightweight but pleasant and entertaining and fun without ever really making me cringe. some episodes even lightly tugged at my heartstrings a little. I’m still enjoying dirty pair, but I was wondering if anyone could offer recommendations in the same vein as myriad colors phantom world? it seems like most of kyoani’s other big productions are obnoxiously fan servicey but tbh I don’t really know anything about anime. somebody help me

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notbov and I’s evil plan to make people think there is no active anime thread by posting in Cartoons strikes again

KyoAni’s not really that fanservicey these days, outside of Free!, which is Lady Thirst in anime form (and the parts of Sound! Euphonium where they have to lean really, really hard on the “maybe the girls are gay?” angle for the otaku). I haven’t seen Phantom World but I’m willing to bet you’d dig some of KyoAni’s other recent stuff if you liked that; even when they’re working with less-than-stellar source material they’ve got sheer craftsmanship that stands out.

that’s kind of how myriad colors feels tbh, and I don’t mind one bit

That’s not fair, I’m equal opportunity in being a terrible nerd with cartoons from all countries

All I know about Phantom World is the gif of the blonde anime limboing by using the power of science to compress her breasts

that is literally as fan servicey as the entire series gets, and in the context of the episode it’s fairly tasteful. it even has a “spa episode” in which the protagonist summons a giant squid, and like… all the girls’ swimsuits are fairly modest, and nary a tentacle lays upon one maiden. it’s like some kind of weird joke, but it’s great! it’s not as if sex doesn’t exist in the show – that particular episode features a lot of innuendo, but it’s all handled with remarkable taste, and as far I can tell, not played up for titillation at all. it’s always just a setup for a fairly stock “hahaha teenagers are awkward about sex” kind of joke, which is refreshingly quaint for what I’ve come to expect from animu. but maybe I’m only exposed to the worst of it?

like literally all these things feel like they had to include them by contract and then they deliberately made them as modest and unsexy as possible. really made me appreciate the entire show more

i watched erased/boku dake ga inai machi in one night recently

it was very good and interesting and not fanservicey or anything in the least. just a good tale

It had like 4 very good episodes, a couple okay ones, then it decided to double-down on the awful time travel thriller angle. I guess that’s just how that genre goes.

Maybe i’ll start posting about western cartoons in here just to make things extra confusing.

The correct thing to do here is to be a jerk and post about French cartoons and wait for someone to try to correct you


look, that’s animeaux okay

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this is a Cool World thread now

I’ve only seen Phantom World’s limbo scene but I thought it was hilariously sports anime/jojo in its intense portrayal of moment to moment events

[this isn’t a defense of fanservice in general]

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I think Cool World is an okay movie

I have not seen Cool World in at least 20 years

Despite seeing it and watching anime, I don’t want to fuck a cartoon

buncha ouiaboos


cool world is an awful movie[quote=“Mikey, post:13, topic:1463, full:true”]
look, that’s animeaux okay

no it’s dessins anime

there’s an english dub of wakfu now, isn’t there? part of me wants to watch it because it’ll be nice and convenient, but i know amalia’s english voice won’t be as good as her french voice

well that’s good because Doodles can’t have sex with 'Noids


look at these 1994 prices

I was about to say that the prices don’t look too bad, then noticed they’re all in pounds

70 bucks in 95 money seems like a fair price for Beautiful Dreamer in my opinion, though

Let me lament the fact that all of UY got a nice fancy remaster and BD release except for Beautiful Dreamer, which got a cropped upscale thing done to it. No, not pan and scan, they cropped a 4:3 movie into 16:9 (or rather and probably more accurately, Academy ratio to 1.78). Good job, separate rights holder of the film.