i don’t think i ever found him in New Leaf or played any other game but i really love how in the GCN version catching KK love is also when the credits roll. such a nice way to like, mark that you’ve gotten comfortable in the world


yeah the credits roll in new leaf too! kk is the final boss


i am so ready for this

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it looks like isabelle will be back! i wonder if shes still gonna be in an assistant position or if she becomes a boss bitch



i did not understand that she is a literal bag of bells. IS A BELL. come on daphny



she comes on sundays. you buy turnips from her, they go up and down in value randomly, and you sell them back when the price is good
shes a pig!




So I’ve never really played much Animal Crossing besides briefly borrowing Wild World once but I’ve always wondered if there’s any particular reason I never hear anybody mention City Folk for the Wii? Most seem to have gone from GC to 3DS with a few mentions of the DS one but never really that urban one.


I played the GameCube one and the 3DS one. The GameCube one was in 2005 with two roommate friends and us sharing the same town was the best. We played it constantly for like 3 weeks but then we just kind of stopped.

I played the 3DS one for a few weeks in little spurts and really enjoyed it. But I didn’t know anyone else playing and it eventually started feeling too empty and lonely and I put it away.

Kind of excited to try this one though. Esp if I can get my partner into it.

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i remember thinking that city folk just didnt add enough to wild world… and new leaf was such a huge improvement that people immediately forgot about it

also it wasnt handheld, the online play with an area mic made everyone sound like they were visiting your town from inside a trash can

i went from never playing online in animal crossing aside from like, one or two meetups that were complicated to figure out and would disconnect all the time
to like having THREE PEOPLE AT A TIME OVER EVERY DAY and people messaging me 'im trying to visit but theres not enough room!!!"
the ease of playing with friends in new leaf changed the game COMPLETELY for me! i loved going to friends towns and changing their neighbors catch phrases and them not noticing for a few hours or days!

imagine… animal crossing matchmaking… FOR WHAT?? who knows??
but there were so many humans on screen in new horizons that im wondering what else they’re gonna add to multiplayer!


i have never played an Animal Crossing game. on some level, they have never seemed like they were “for me.” in college, one of my roommates had the Gamecube game, and he offered to let me play it, but i declined.

however, many people who are near and dear to me love this series, and i have said that when the Switch AC came out, i’d probably buy it.

but i’m wondering…am i just fooling myself? it seems like a game about doing chores. i don’t know if i’d be able to have fun with it the way other people do; playing in their town for years and years.

what is the mindset i need to be in to enjoy an AC game properly?


AC games can be particularly satisfying for players of various motivations, but the two I can speak to the most are the drive to pursue and complete collections (bugs, fish, fossils, gyroids, music, etc.) and the drive to customize and express yourself (character hair and clothing, interior and exterior of your home, modification of your town, influence over your neighbors’ catchphrases, etc.).

People talk about how you can “do whatever you want” in AC, and while that’s kind of true in that it’s a game that you can’t ever really lose, it’s still really good at presenting implicit and explicit goals. In New Leaf, you had your mortgage to pay off (which resulted in house upgrades), civic improvements to work toward as the mayor, catalogs of wildlife and furniture and clothing to fill, shopping district stores to unlock and enhance, holiday and seasonal activities to participate in, etc. They added two features that made the whole “express yourself through your play” idea particularly appealing for me. First, by using the 3DS StreetPass to passively exchange data with nearby players, their houses would be added to your Happy Home Academy residence showcase, and you could look at their character and their home layout. (You could even see a list of exactly what items they’d used in each room, and for non-rare items, you could order that furniture directly from that list.) If that wasn’t enough, there was also a Dream Emporium that let you upload your entire town to the cloud and visit other towns. This was a really cool way to handle asynchronous multiplayer, and you could find a ton of cool set-piece towns that folks had made.


the appeal to me are chores i was never able to do. ive always lived in apartments, ive never had more than two rooms, never had a yard, barely have neighbors that know my name

i can currently walk to a waterfront but this is like the first animal crossing mechanic ive had readily available

clothes and shoes are affordable, i can get whatever furniture i want. i can PLANT FLOWERS i can eat fruit from a tree

i remember playing it on christmas because the characters cared more about it than my family

its just nice


And if any of this doesn’t sound appealing then don’t play it! I keep telling myself that I’ll like games because all the people I know and respect do, but then I end up regretting spending 60 bucks on something (Sekiro) I knew I would hate but fooled myself.

I love Animal Crossing because it connected me with my mom, sister and wife in a way that I normally only connect with other game nerds like me. Being able to discuss the in-depth mechanics of a game with ppl who normally don’t care is great.

Also, I’m a person who finds comfort in routines, so spending 15 minutes a day checking in on my town and making small progress was always wonderful.

Plus the villagers are extremely charming.

God I love AC


i booted up New Leaf for the first time in a year and sunk another 4 hours into it


i had no idea this existed its like those playmobils but ANIMAL CROSSING AHHHHHHHHH i watched it on mute so i dont know what he talked about


omfg i WANT THIS so badly :cryingpig::cryingpig::cryingpig:

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hey, it’s me and every video

I popped into my New Leaf town because of this thread and everyone said they missed me very much and couldn’t believe I’d been gone for 4 years. I felt sad I didn’t really remember them.


coming back after a long time is the hardest thing. i once had a pile of letters from a neighbor, and it went from hey hey friend to miss you to IM MOVING and i felt horrible

also i worry if elmers feeding himself well


I haven’t played this series since the GameCube version. It may have been the first game I bought entirely with my own money. I remember being disappointed when I brought it home. “That’s it?”

I played it after school the next day. I recognized the residents, I got a cool dresser for my house. I’d check Animal Crossing every day for about an hour after school. It started to become a ritual. My sister started playing in the same town. My friend would come over, and made his own house too. We’d fight over who got to play it next.

Maybe I should be excited for this game!


tbh i have so much nostalgia for the gamecube game for some reason. like to the point where i’m considering going back to that instead of new leaf