Animal Crossing Codes

I fell off the New Leaf wagon, and apparently while I was busy playing other games last fall, a free update dropped which adds a bunch of new stuff, but breaks dream codes. Get your DS out, download the update, upload your town at the dreamatorium, and give me the code, 'cause I wanna check your place out.

Loudhill - Mayor Jason


Actually my dream code broke post update. I think it just happens ev’ry now and then.

Mine’s a mess, please ignore the patterns on the ground D:

Fotscray | Rylie

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I thought I had a lot of flowers in my town, but now that I’ve seen your place, I finally understand what “a lot of flowers” actually looks like. Holy smokes.

Hahaha. Yeah, i kinda use them to define paths.

We are Kabuki-pals. I am jealous of Scoot and Clay!

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My Dream Info:

Strudell | Gherkin

Come visit my hive of scum and villainy

Looks like I got a fancy new Peacock resident

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Is it that scum fucker Phil? AKA my enemy?

I think it is a different one called Phoebe.

What did Phil do to become your enemy?

He turned up.


I guess he’s a Turkey or st

I guess the ‘Ph-’ names makes them Pheasants? Anyhow he looks kinda like a jerk

FYI having an egg room is not okay with me.


In my defense, it was apparently April when I last played. I’m now in the process of removing it in favor of moving my alpine furniture over and making the main room my seasonal area.

sure, when you do it, it’s a “nursery,” but whe

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It totally never occurred to me to use designs as pavement for some reason

People do some pretty nice stuff. Do a search for ‘animal crossing paths’ some time.

It uses up way too many design slots though. You kinda need to make a second character.

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Yeah, I’ve limited myself to tiles which work effectively as either edges or centers interchangeably for exactly that reason. I was a bit startled to discover that the Amiibo update also changed plot selection rules such that new inhabitants will not select a house position that will intersect with a placed pattern anymore, so some people go really out of their way by covering every square of dirt in town cept for the ten a house occupies to perfectly position new arrivals.

Since AC:Pocket Camp is out, I’ve added my code to my first post, which is 9746-7384-124. There’s a joke to be made here about multi-platform drifting and living out of a camper, but I don’t think I can pull it off.

my pocket camp is: 3298 6099 586

i…have some feelings about this one. gonna need some time in a camper to formulate them properly

hi! I’m playing pocket camp too.

ID: 9610 7963 199

Everybody have fun at my campsite! :smiley: