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are we out of christmas and into a halloween cycle of shane black movies now?

kid summons predator ship from a mysterious box in his garage sounds like a concept for a predator movie right out of the 90s


The internet is very buttmad about a leaked version of the script for this movie. They say it is the worst thing to ever happen to alien big game hunters!!! But a lot of their anger is aimed at it having a woman and a kid who accomplish things, ranting about SJWS!!!, etc

I mean, it may very well be bad. A lot of the ideas I’ve heard from it seem super goofy, but there has only been one good PREDATOR movie and it was 30 years ago and if a new one is even borderline passable it seems like a win, gauged against the franchise?

Anyhow Predators are fundamentally stupid and goofy and I’m ready to see them get owned by a ten year old.


I haven’t even watched the trailer I’m at work


the pilot episode for predator: the series, in which a fish-out-of-water predator in middle america defends suburbia from various other space monsters while also hiding from a quirky national enquirer reporter


Predator’s desire to stay on the dl keeps getting sabotaged by his instinct to flay his kills and hang them in prominent locations


Hey remember how in avp: requiem the cleaner predator flies all the way to earth to clean up Alien Evidence? But then while he’s there he kills people and hangs them up as trophies, thus leaving evidence of himself everywhere?

What a shitty, thoughtless movie!



“Welcome to my book collection.” -Peter Berg


is this worst shrugpunk?


Marky Mark lookin slim


the article is if the arrangement itself doesn’t get there





Mmmm idk about this


What a year for trashy sequels.

This is just straight up a superhero movie.


da motha fuckin share z0ne


This is now a @parker and @feminaridens2 thread also.



Daaaaaamn this looks hot


this time predator is hunting school shooters