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shrug i wanna hear about the worst medieval warfare stuff youve read in fantasy novels


For the first half of the Kin trailer I thought it was the new Predator and I was getting kind of hype tbh


It’s actually a stealth Laserblast remake I think


if you also want to hear the best medieval warfare stuff, Mary Gentle literally got a Masters degree in War Studies while doing research for her novel “Ash: A Secret History” and its all very very realistic. It’s Berserk levels of grimdark, tho so I find it hard to recommend to most audiences.


tell me more


this may come as a surprise but I don’t actually spend my free time finding and privately cataloguing everything that can irritate me in detail


I read a KJ Parker book once. They obviously did A Lot of Research but then felt a need to somehow inflect what they detailed with some sort of fantasy element unique to the setting? So they had a dude constructing steel swords in a European Pattern Welded way, but instead of forge welding the pieces together into a homogenousish piece they basically laid everything together then filled the gaps in with some kind of special silver solder.

The details of the when and how of heat treatment were a little slippery, I think. This was a major point of the story and wound up driving me a bit nuts trying to parse and make it make actual sense.


I tried to read that book and it was way too dark for me in like, the first chapter. Just couldn’t do it.

so yeah


yeah, its a very well written book but you will know if you can stomach it within… 2 paragraphs of the prologue.


You literally do


well not all of it


Are we talking about detailed sexual assault? That’s around my limit of unpleasant, but I am otherwise interested.


yes, its unpleasant stuff, hence why I can’t really recommend it even though I think the book is good.


I’ll probably read it anyways because I am a sucker



oh no


Oh no