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One year into the siege of Troy, Priam announces grain rationing.

I guess they had to indicate passing time somehow but why during this conversation why link the two why make them wait so absurdly long to


Paris helps with tunneling 'cause he just can’t stand there and watch then it’s SEXY BATH TIME


(he is not shown thrusting tho)


attributing Zapata quotes to Priam #wow #woah


Achilles scornful of wrasslin’ in Agamemnon’s tent


Achilles wonders aloud what the sea makes of all their mortal struggles

ask ur mom dude


Achilles loved stabbing unarmed people in the gut until a spunky lady named Briseis tried to hit him with a stick and turned his glower into [a] power[ful bonner]!


“First time I’ve seen you take a spoil!” -Menalaus, to Achilles, as if to make the viewer think better of him because he only took this one slave this one time because she is special


“I didn’t spare you because I wanted a slave. I spared you because I thought you deserved to live.”

good guy Achilles


at least this show lets achilles be gay which makes it automatically better than troy (2004)


achilles, patroclus and briseis all on the beach making out 2gether


achilles and patroclus lounge in the tent wearing leather jerkins

why is everyone wearing so much leather all the time


Leather is the Official Ancient Fabric


ancient peoples placed no value on the life and parts of livestock they slaughtered them for clothing alone and left the meat to rot

“no other animal produces milk we would care to make into food for consumption” -the Achaeans




Oh wow I did this the other way around



hey it’s still directed by that guy who is not an action director and cannot direct action gr8 news


I’m kinda surprised this didn’t turn into a series of movies. I mean, years ago.