albums @ 2022

I made a list of 5 albums that I really liked this year (only 3 of them came out this year) on Cohost. Instead of ordering them I just categorized them like this:

  • Music that impacted me deeply
  • Music that is just Extremely Fucking Cool:
  • Music that made me excited about music as a whole:
  • Music that I will listen to for the rest of my life:
  • Music that is unusual but compelling

Anyway, it’s that time of the year folks!! gimme ur 2022 albums plz


i didnt listen to a lot of new shit this year but i love this fucking album


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This record has the worst fucking album art I’ve ever seen in my life but the music is amazing. Here’s the title track, a real highlight:

It’s my favorite album I’ve heard so far from a genre I learned of recently: Amapiano! It’s a genre of largely quite chill deep house music that has been getting surprisingly popular in South Africa over the last few years, getting onto the charts, taking over the club scene, and becoming a mainstay on South African Tiktok. I can’t believe this style of music is this popular anywhere in the world right now but I am really enjoying it. I hear a TON of similarity to the work of Larry Heard, a US musician active from the 80’s til today who’s released a shitload of atmospheric jazzy house music I’ve been listening to a whole lot this year since I discovered him from the St.Giga recordings.


Didn’t get round to many albums that released this year but I listened to Air Twister OST on repeat more than is reasonable. Rina Sawayama is basically what I want all pop music to sound like.


There’s some stuff I didn’t get around to picking up yet, a couple things that only got a quick listen (like the new Eno), and a couple things that I swore came out this year but really were late 2021 (mainly Body/Dilloway/Head), but besides all that, the standouts are…

Height Keech’s Make Your Own Light
Björk’s fossora
Ed Schrader Music Bear’s Night Club Daydreaming
Boris & Endon’s Eros

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i really didnt listen to much new (or old!) music this year. i liked:

earl sweatshirt - sick
zeloooperz - getwetradio

bobbi humphrey - blacks and blues
kelela - cut 4 me (old fav)
jazmine sullivan - reality show (old fav)


hey this rules, thank you

also i feel like that album art is kind of a flex. like if you make music that good, you can have absolutely no taste wrt anything else and people will still think you’re cool as hell


My wife is obsessed with amapiano

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I’m still an amapiano newbie but it’s such a great sound, very interested in getting more into it! What’s her fav?

Looking it up, I learned that a gusheshe is a BMW 325i. Beep beep indeed.


here’s a bunch of stuff i liked from this year in no particular order with some short/lazy descriptors so you’ll have some idea of what you’re clicking on, there’s a bunch of stuff i still haven’t gotten around to listening to so maybe i’ll add more in an edit later or write a little about my very favorites or something

gel/cold brats — shock therapy split hc punk
dry cleaning — stumpwork post punk
marci — marci artsy pop
duster — together shoegazey slowcore
weyes blood — and in the darkness, hearts aglow high drama artsy pop
soul glo — diaspora problems hc punk
young prisms — drifter shoegazey dream pop
cate le bon — pompeii artsy pop
palm — nicks and grazes mathy psychedelia
hatchie — giving the world away dream pop
mr twin sister — upright and even ep dreamy dance
mass of the fermenting dregs — awakening:sleeping shoegazey
luby sparks — search + destroy jangly shoegazey pop
horse jumper of love — natural part slowcore
knifeplay — animal drowning dreamy emo
dear nora — human futures artsy pop
tops — empty seats ep artsy pop
ray — green shoegazey pop
smut — how the light felt jangly shoegazey pop
alvvays — blue rev dream pop
sayonara ponytail — all night thing jpop
full body 2 — demo 02 shoegaze/dnb
mop — bloodlust ep shoegazey grungey
alex g — god save the animals indie rock eclecticism
they are gutting a body of water — lucky styles shoegazey
tagabow/a country western — an insult to the sport split shoegazey
melody’s echo chamber — unfold artsy pop psychedelia
melody’s echo chamber — emotional eternal artsy pop psychedelia
broadcast — microtronics volumes 1 & 2 experimental/ambient
beach house — once twice melody dream pop
jockstrap — i love you jennifer b avant pop

bonus albums not from 2022 that i listened to a lot this year

the softies — holiday in rhode island dreamy sad soft
medicine — the buried life shoegaze/dream pop
gaze — mitsumeru 90s indie pop
scowl — how flowers grow hc punk
all natural lemon & lime flavors — turning into small shoegazey psychedelia
pram — the stars are so big the earth is so small… stay as you are experimental pop
lois — strumpet 90s indie pop
kaede — stardust in blue artsy pop
helium — the dirt of luck 90s indie
spangle call lilli line — purple dreamy artsy pop


btw i meant to specify that my list was music i listened to this year, not necessarily released this year!! i forgot to say that

y’all have incredible taste btw


Oh yeah, that’s the stuff.

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Thought this was 2022 but I guess it’s from last year:


Really got into Bulgarian and other folk choir stuff in a big way this year:

(Mir Stanke Le on this album was the only thing to bring me to tears in a long time. On the eve of leaving behind my old job and the friends there, it got me)

The voice is powerful


I have no idea how to discover music anymore so at the end of each year I just pick random end of year lists that look like they may have stuff I’d like on them (that and the RYM lists just to get a rough idea on other stuff), and since yours had such a frequent use of the word shoegazey I’ve been picking around it the past few days. A bunch of it didn’t do a ton for me but some of it is right down my alley (listening to They Are Gutting a Body of Water right now actually, it’s pretty swell), so thanks!


Records I bought this year:

When a sample from Earthbound was finally identified this year I discovered His Name is Alive and got into their material from the 4AD years. Digging deeper led to a very surprising 2016 Bandcamp only release of a really tight riffy prog record with nice chanty vocal harmonies.

A guy I know also released a really good bedroom record this year. Lots of weaving lines, restrained noise and pleasant canvases with chill vox… gazey

Hole Dweller Box Set - I’ve recommended some of this stuff in the metal thread a while ago. I preordered physical cassette copies. First box set I’ve been interested in since Led Zepplin on CD in 7th grade and didn’t know anything about rock. This is the end of this project according to the artist. I’m a particular fan of the the Returns to Rumors Tape which was like dungeon prog with some really killer live drumming but also lofi as heck. Lots of really good changes and sounds that are in my personal wheelhouse of VHS dub synth soundtracky stuff.

Edit: Favorite track on that last one is track 11


maybe you wanna also check a few of their picks

, since I’ve realized i have not heard/seen a good chunk of them and wanna check these myself.

found it a bit hard to assemble a list of personal picks of best albums released this year/2022, since I dipped my toe into Vinyl and have bought a lot of old stuff, and even without streaming services, mostly listened to solo tracks from various sources.

Alas, the very short shortlist:

#1 Amanda — Weltenraum

#2 Lola Marsh — Shot Shot Cherry

#3 Röyksopp — Profound Mysteries

#4 Moderat — MORE D4TA

#5 Editors — EBM

#6 Red Velvet — Feel My Rhythm

#7 Seulgi — 28 Reasons

#9 BOL4 — Seoul

#10 Enrico Einaudi — Underwater

last four normally wouldn’t make this list, but it seems I didn’t care enough to hunt down albums :servbotsalute:

Alas, to appease the gods of music, honorable mentions of artists/songs where an album surely would make my list if I got around to hunt down the whole album/if there was a full album, based on one (or more) track(s) I really dug:
#11 Viaje De Verne — Sobrecargados
#12 Sway — We Sink
#13 In The Valley Below — Peaches
#14 Sandeul — I Feel You
#15 The Avalanches — The Divine Chord

also also, honorable mentions not from 2022:

#21 Amanda — Durch die Ewigkeit

#22 Joy Crookes — Skin

#23 Etherwood — Neon Dust

#24 Manuel Göttsching — E2 E4

#25 Moon - Kiss Me

#26 Air — Talkie Walkie

#27 Yeah But No — Demons

… and that’s all I can come up with, hope someone finds something noteworthy in there!

Warren’s a super friendly dude, and is also in the long running noise group Princess Dragonmom (named after the villain from Infra-Man).

They’re really into doing these big pieces that involve the audience including an annual summer camp themed “noise camp” mini fest, and the unicorn man where in the audience are given cardboard weapons to fight off the massive cardboard unicorn. They’re just generally into cardboard and silver spray paint, and had an all cardboard night club art installation for a bit.