action figures and other toys


I’d forgotten about the Aliens toys. I had the Bull and Gorilla figures. Here’s the Gorilla:

His whole head was a soft plastic/rubber squirt toy with his inner mouth being the nozzle. Great figure for the bath tub.

I also had this Predator figure:

I actually still have him somewhere but I’ve not been able to hang onto any of the accessories over the years. First I lost the gun, then the mask and then eventually the spear (though I did manage to keep the spear for a really long time).


Yeah, I still have a bunch of the Aliens. Always appreciated the Scorpion Alien’s gimmick being exploding. Not a single marine though, because did anyone really care about them? Except the aforementioned Atax of course with his Alien power suit. But I had the E-Frames from Exosquad for that.


They make toys for M rated video games


At least Microsoft had the decency to wait until they had aT-rated Halo, Activision > : (


Gunpla guys


Transformers and Voltron were too expensive when I was a kid, but I did have a couple of Starriors. This was my favorite one:

I also had one or two Zoids. Like Starriors, these featured a little metallic guy in a cockpit. Some of the larger ones even had multiple pilots.


oh, i think i might have gotten some starriors second hand off a market stall as a kid, not knowing what they were called :open_mouth:


I just learned that they still make Zoids, but they are now advanced construction kits that take more effort to assemble. Which sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve always liked snap-together models that do not require glue.

They also have figures that you don’t assemble, and some of them look pretty nice.

I don’t know why they all seem to be either lions or dinosaurs, though.


they’re super expensive though ;_;

the zoids that were on sale in the uk during the 90s had a slug among them, which must be one of the worst plamo kits of all time


All the various ligers are because they were the protagonist machines in all the 00s anime. Dinosaurs becasue dinosaurs are cool.
I doubt the HMM line will get to some of the more uncommon sorts of Zoids though.


I love getting new figmas and revoltechs. Figures with rope accessories are a favorite of mine.

I like to imagine Link as some kind of copy cat without an original idea or skill but pulls it off well enough to get praise from his audience.


I like to think he hoards flowers


who is that?


all dicks are wardicks


Transformers Titans Return Deluxe Twinferno nee Doublecross


Any idea what this guy is? His only markings are “B.03,” “USA,” and “China.” I scored him at a flea market a couple weekends ago. He looks like a Digimon monster and is (barely) articulated like an old Battle Beast.

I’m locked out of work right now. Excuse my dusty car.


That’s the Death Army from Mobile Fighter G Gundam in SD form. No idea what line it’s from tho


I never would have guessed Gundam! Thanks! It was in a box with a bunch of typical 80s and 90s American action figures, so definitely the odd mech out.


got this ko today, missing one swivel on the legs, but its great


Going through this thread I’m pretty sure that up until my mid-20s the only reason I cared about the Alien franchise at all was because of the action figures.