action figures and other toys


Shall I confess that I ordered a toy after seeing it in this thread? Mine came in a different color, though.




possible @shrug punk crossover



it is definite of we can locate this robot’s dick


My secret shame for the last seven or so years or so has been Mini-Mates. What other line has brought together Mayor Mike Hagger, Jet Jaguar, '70s Blade, and the Swedish Chef?


Actually those big head vinyl things probably have done all those cats. Never mind. I’m going back to being ashamed.


some Goemon figures shown a WonFes2017 by MANEZAL


there are two important differrences between minimates and funko pops

  1. minimates have articulation and accessories
    2.minimates manage to actually look like the characters they are, despite using simplified designs

they’re not perfect, but they’re leagues ahead of funko


how is he? I kinda want to get him, or maybe the aoe one


i just saw the pictures on tumblr ;_;



I got this at vt comic con!!!





i have some of the mini pokemon from these still
the pink ryhorn and the vileplume i thing





the best part about this for me is I have no other instances of these molds, so these could potentially be my first experiences with them. This is just sooo good


Once in Missouri when I was little I got this great little toy from some thrift store. I have no idea where it is now; I dearly hope it’s still in one of my boxes somewhere. Anyone recognize this?? It’s like a little yellow space ship (?), sort of boxy, maybe with more protruding sides, with conical thrusters and most important this big grey globe at the front. You squeeze the sides and little pressure plates make the globe crack open revealing a little eyeball (!!!) on a stick that pokes out, and the roofs of the globe are red, like a hard palate.

I always thought it was the coolest shit ever. In retrospect I’m sure it’s from some sort of 80s cartoon, anime or occidental; that sort of garish colorful techno-organic stuff got abandoned en masse in the 90s to the extreme disadvantage of the human race. I would go post this on some toy forum but I’m not already a member of any of those.


I haven’t thought about that toy in years! Besides the one pictured here, I definitely remember having a jet that opened up to reveal rows of teeth and a pair of eyes.

I wonder what the hell these were called?


Ok so I did some creative googling. Aparently these were MCDONALDS TOYS? Specifically, they were a spin off of a Hotwheels kind called ‘Attack Pack’ which were all vehicles with mouths and stuff.