action figures and other toys


i didn’t mean it as an insult! like literally, the shading on it makes it look like it shouldn’t exist


Maybe if you’re a FILTHY CASUAL and can’t solve it yourself


“One Of”?!? My God what are the other abominations like in the Bones family




found these the first time that was posted and forgot about them






Can you build the bones how you want? I want to see the spider Ginny Bones I know kids made



I got the Bring Arts of Kaine and lost one of her hands in the first minute after opening


sukeban clackers?



i want these and whatever the fish from darius is called


i don’t know of toys of any of the fish, but the player ship from darius, the silver hawk was part of the shooting game historica line years ago


This one




I had that but one of the guns fell off and vanished. Usually I know where every single thing I own is, so this still grates on me.



You think it’d be possible to make a tricorn hat work, sartorially, in Anno Luigi 3?


Only with the matching boots