action figures and other toys


These are actually a Bandai toy line from this year, though I guess HK knockoffs are inevitable.

Source: this box I bought at a LABI two days ago.


That’s a real good pick up!

This forum works so strangely, like I just discovered this great thread exists


Oh, it looks like you can just get these from Amazon (for more than I am willing to pay for them):


it looks to me like the armour for these cats is a building toy too? so you could buy a bunch of them and use all the armour pieces to make a big giant suit for one cat to pilot?


Yeah they are, there are official combos too


Oh shit that is ridiculously marked up. One of those cost, no shit, 350 yen. I didn’t find them in stock too often though, so they might be running out of stock but still.


can you voltron them


box of 8 blind boxes for £24 on hlj


or singles for £3


It sounds as if you get two of each model. This is tempting.


These cats need an Armored Core style game with super serious Kenji Kawai music



i lost pieces to two gunpla and this is my final transmission




i gotta find this


This is my desk at work. Like to keep some of my favourite toys on it.


that fez toy is really hard to look at!


I’m not a big fan of how it is shaded but it encapsulates the game perfectly.


It’s got a puzzle you have to google on it?