action figures and other toys


Optimus Primal, from the “Trans-Metal” upgrade where the Beast Wars show upgraded the CG graphics and revamped the bots along with it.


This is a Starscream. I don’t remember what series. I will get shots of robot mode, later. In the underside shot, you can see the rotating bomb bay, still loaded with bombs!


And finally, a Star Trek transporter! Years of attic grime, needs cleaning. Gotta get some batteries. I think it takes D-cell.



Although large, he is Unfortunately a very simple bot mode with very little articulation. Was never very good to play with in bot mode. But, it’s a cool jet!

*oh and all of the stickers had to be manually applied from a sticker sheet.








I had a gold version of this dude. It turns out they are a spinoff of Elemental Gimmick Gear for Dreamcast that they brought to the US with completely different branding.

This is deeply weird to me, so I am sharing it with you all.


i also had one of that line! i can’t remember the name they had here though.

you could remove the limbs, and pull a ripcord thing through it, making the disc in the middle spin, and the figure would stand on that rounded point on the bottom


Once while my classmates and I were walking home from school, one kid found a metallic sphere in the grass. It turned out that it transformed into a bird, and we all had to acknowledge that it was one of the best toys we had ever seen.

I looked it up just now, and it was apparently part of a line of toys that were precursors to Transformers. There were a humanoid and a lion as well.

I also remember being jealous of people who had a transforming watch that I see now was produced by the same company.


you got me watching old jp toy ads at 2am, and there’s a ton of interesting looking stuff in this compilation

-something called “adventure rally”, which seems like a tame little racetrack thing, but it’s full of traps and hazards you can activate
-a variety of otherwise boring girls toys made slightly interesting by having some kind of water plumbing system
-a rollercoaster set that seems related to plarail, conceptually? but with like, twisty tracks and steep climbs and drops and stuff
-various pre-transformers transforming and combining robots and/or vehicles
-a watch with an lcd golf game, for ultra-yuppies
-a ridiculous mickey mouse-branded hand-cranked train for kids to ride around on a little track
-radio controlled model of arcadia from captain harlock


I had a bendy toy of the dude in the still!




why weren’t they making sega action figures 25 years ago? fools


oh no


Stolen from someone’s facebook, apparently these are from Hong Kong:


i saw a link to an article earlier saying that chinese toy companies were making lots of money by pretending to be japanese, and instead of directly riping off existing toylines, making stuff in the style of japanese toy companies.

so maybe it’s that kind of thing


I’ve seen those things around in convention store racks and I think a few showed up at my model shop for a bit. They’ve popped up in my anime toy recommends at various places and look like a fun desk toy. Cats in scifi robotic frames with a military bend to them is not a bad hook.


Those cats have a dinosaur themed wave coming up