action figures and other toys


the local library in my hometown used to do a thing where they would showcase youngsters’ collections of stuff in little glass cases, i filled out an application to proudly display all my ghostbusters (or ninja turtles? can’t remember) toys (i feel like most people did like, stamps or coins other suitably intellectual stuff) but apparently the waitlist was so long it took years for my turn to come up. when it finally did i had grown out of it and thought it would be embarrassing to show off my toy collection.

now they just gather dust in my parent’s garage, or maybe they threw them away idk?



Yeah I would be flooding you all with pics. But…Toy Story 3 is basically my real life. Except my toys didn’t adventure back to me. : (

So I only have a few things left.


As far as the 80’s shows go, Robotech is probably conceptually above all others. Probably in execution, too?

I didn’t actually catch the Robotech wave. I was a little young or something (born in 86. I caught the tail of He-Man and the original transformers). But I did later read the first 3 novelizations. Which are actually good young adult sci-fi.


This is the Wolverine I had. It’s a pretty great sculpt, overall. Captured the shoet and stalky body style. And his arms worked really well for playing.


It’s just Battletech. It’s nothing really special though, just some cheesy, campy Saturday morning stuff with early CG for the most part, even with the ongoing story. But cheesy and campy is the best way to handle BT honestly. Probably the most notable part is that the BT cartoon is actually canon, as in the cartoon itself exists in universe, but it’s also a dramatization of events that did happen in broad strokes, and Adam Steiner eventually ends up as the Archon.

A short story in the preface of Wars of Reavings even shows it made its way to Clan space. Well, with some Clans anyway, the Falcons would probably make possession of it an executable offense.


Speaking of Battletech, did anyone catch that super short lived Shadowrun toy series from maybe 2005 or so? I never saw them in normal stores; I instead discovered them for super cheap at Value City and Big Lots.


Oh the HeroClix ones? they were actually pretty neat, though at their price point and scale were doomed to fail.


Yeah! They were huge! I don’t know much about how that hero clix business worked but these things were like McFarlane sized, rather than the tiny static things on the weird bases.

Really nicely done, and really exciting to find at $3 each.


Yeah the game I recall being pretty complicated, but not terrible, and the figure quality itself was awesome. The euipment and weapons could actually be changed and such for each character and it affected how the characters play.

The book for the game even encouraged people to build their own sets and such. It was pretty neat, because everything was ruler based, not on a grid, so you could just use whatever for obstacles and such.

It was a cool idea, but again, no way it would work.


Oh shit, i didn’t realize it was a full on Little Wars style table top thing. I figured it was just a high falutin multi-stat version of the numbers they used to throw on the back of Monster In My Pocket for some kind of loose version of playing war or go fish with plastic instead of cards.

You’d need a sprawling Sprawl to properly host an Urban Brawl match with these things.


Yeah, if they came with the bases, those had multiple dials on them for various weapons and damage and shit, several dice in the base, and a ruler for determining range and movement. It was intense.

And yeah, the scale was a big problem. To even have like a 2v2 match, you needed a big ass table.


I think it might have had some rules for hacking in one of the online scenarios if not the rulebook? All of the surprisingly detailed accessories had stats when you equiped them too.

Plus, each ruler was unique to each character.

I have two of them in back at my folks house still. I hadn’t really thought of them as a game in ages.



Cyclops toys never needed to be better than that one. Light up optics. A sculpt which perfectly captured the 90’s art style. At least one hand in a fist.

I also had that Colossus. From the “super shooters” line (which was pretty great, overall). It’s. Cool sculpt and I always preferred a tall, but less bulky colossus.


the mistake you’ve made here, christians, is that these are clearly dolls, not action figures


just saw these on twitter, and that is the ugliest rendition of king i have ever seen




Got a great pose today




Ok I was in my Mom’s attic today and pulled out the last of my remaining figures.

First up, is the best dang Carnage! He’s about 12 inches and very detailed. Detachable claw. The color of the photos is off. The red is way too pink, here.


Next up is a weirdly medieval green goblin. Tons of detail. Double joint knees, elbows, and spinning wrists. Looks kinda like something which would come from McFarlane (but it isn’t from them). Also tall, over 12 inches.