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found a japanese mighty max flyer on yaj

it’s 5000 yen though lol



Stuff I got at the flea market today


can you post more pics of the two dinosaurs?


Of all of those shows, VR Troopers somehow got the best action figure line. The Power Rangers monsters were cool but the actual Rangers were so chunky to fit the head flip gimmick.


i have to take issue with this. i never even saw the show until last year, but i had toys from superhuman samurai syber squad because they were just that good.

like, the actual figure itself you got was crap, but you got a ton of awesome armour to attach to it in various configurations



The skeleton stego is a mostly completely skeleflex figure, the purple and black one is a bakugan happy meal toy, and I posted the last guy in the hopes that someone recognizes him. The only clue I have is a 1997 Bandai copyright on his foot but I can’t figure out what toyline its from. Its not a power rangers baddie and I it doesnt fit with any other 97 Bandai lines


I can vouch for the awesome childhood memories I had with the Gridman/SSSS toys. They were just so accurate to the show and still had great movement when all combined. I’m staring at the SSSS.Gridman Max Combine figure and seriously considering making a bad decision.


The OG Ranger figs were pretty cool, if bland. Like nothing fancy just huge and all sorts of articulation going on.


Oh yeah, weren’t they big, where as the head flippy ones were the second wave in a smaller scale?


a cool thread about 90s movie toylines. i didn’t know some of these existed!


Wow I totally forgot about the Independence Day figures that came with floppy disks.


Yeah, the Mars Attacks line had the same gimmick. I imagine the games are identical.


My first reprolabels kit!


Did it again