Action Cinema 2020 - 2029

Also horror and thrillers, probably.

Kicking off with polar opposite but equally obsessive approaches to structure and aesthetics.

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safdie bros. 48hrs remake??

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I don’t know anything about Tenet besides the trailer that got paired with Star Wars, and I don’t know anything about Inception besides that trailer, but homeboy needs to stop his movies from at least being marketed as the boring straightlaced “grown-up” versions of the Matrix.


If Luther or Third Rock from the Sun showed up looking mallgoth to a bootleg Warp Records track, I’d be all in.

I’m starting the decade talking shit about stuff I don’t actually know anything about.

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very funny that chris nolan’s image of the afterlife is men standing around in suits


I … don’t think it’s the literal afterlife…

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this feels like a late 00s nostalgia piece if that’s possible

shoot 'em up: the next generation

Even when it came out, Scott Pilgrim vs the World even at the time felt more like a movie that would be more remembered for being influential on later movies than as a movie itself to me.

This seems right on time.

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What’s stranger is I feel like I saw images from filming this like two or more years ago?

Anyone know what movie(s) are clipped in this video?

feels like i wished on a money’s paw for them to bring back “A Man Called Hawk”

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Alan Arkin, though? I mean. Alan Arkin

oh apparently this isnt happening but theyre turning their ideas for this into something else?

not only is this color treated in marvel dishwater grey with incredibly dire cgi i feel like they wheeled out chan and schwarzenegger from the nursing home to do exactly one scene as a scam to get people in theaters and i am so excited


I didn’t dare hope after the way Warner fucked him over but here we go: