Achewood thread

From the discussion in another thread: a conversation about Achewood should ensue.

Personally, my favorite storyline is the one in which personal goods that transport the user into a realm of magical realism begin proliferating out of Mexico. Do you have a favorite storyline, or did Achewood never click for you?


The Great Outdoor Fight is maybe my favorite comic storyline of all time, webcomic, regular comic or otherwise.

every year i get closer and closer to being brave enough to go as Ray for halloween and it’s only because i’m telling more people in my inner circles to read Achewood


ok let’s be honest, i’d obviously fit better as Teodor

Roast Beef Kazenzakis is one of the best and most relatable characters ever

i have read all of Achewood at least twice and i’m probably gonna do it a third time soon. it’s on my short list of pieces of media that just… curled up inside my soul, and stayed there forevermore. like it’s an inextricable part of my sense of humor and the way i speak and see the world. Sorry, i know that’s overwrought but damn. it’s so good.

i first read it in high school (it was popular to post random good strips from it on basically every forum i frequented, including this one obviously). i didn’t get it at all! i just couldn’t parse it. then one day i saw this one

it was maybe the funniest fucking thing i’d ever read

I gave it another shot and eventually it clicked and now it’s one of my favorite comics of all time, and that’s why i made this really sappy post about it


welcome to hell, here’s your 1986 Subaru Brat


Here are all the strips to download in case the internet breaks:


Hot Tub Brawls had the best alt text. “You can do whatever you want in life.”


If tou ever get the urge to read everything in orer of publication, including blogs and such, someone in the rather active Achewood fan community on Facebook put this together at some point;



in my hall


28 PM

13 PM


If you find these 3 panels hidden in my game I’ll send you a prize. Offer open to current select butts only.


Chris Onstad posts in and is a member of almost every achewood group on facebook.

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That is as depressing as it oughta be

I bring information, I just don’t always like it!

To be fair, he doesn’t post often, like once a month. Usually he is selling some AW painting he has made recently. He does try to come to their fancon each year as well.

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hey just announced all of achewood is being published on paper, along with all the blogs and supplemental stuff-- first volume, which covers two or three years or something, is next summer


What about the mouseover text


Find Felix quotes in print now.


I had all of the original run of strip collections, six or so books, but I gave them to an ex when I was breaking up with her when I was like 19 explicitly to say “sorry for being such a difficult partner, I want you to have this objectively decent thing at the end to make up for it” and while that relationship pops up relatively seldom enough in my periodic mental wheel of regrets that I think it was a good call, I’ve wished I still had them for years and years, so this is nice news

Further Onstad’s retirement and all


damn i still check for those on ebay a couple times a year, i questioned if they were even actually real

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