ACE ATTORNEY SUCKS... or does it???

more interactive is better honestly for what im looking for. i keep getting recommended things that are ‘good’ but its just me watching a character i barely understand fall in love with someone else via a series of events that feel out of my control. like i have a psycho brain or something because the way im supposed to relate to people in romance games is completely alien to me. i just wanna choose my own adventure with gimmicks. like how jrpgs have unique battle mechanics, i want conversation and exploration gimmicks. i could just replay phoenix wright


Here’s another one that just came to mind

edgeworth investigations 1 + 2 are worth playing, if you haven’t, imo, but

  • they are less VN than the mainline games, but more trivially than it might initially seem
  • they def. drag but what ace attorney doesn’t
  • plenty of gimmicks

oh yeah i played those with my alive best friend who ADORES edgeworth i wonder what theyd be like without my friend cooing and whispering 'his sleeves…" every so often. thanks for reminding me

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Jake Hunter


me too, i also can’t deal with romance in film for the same reason, unless it’s so deeply understated as to be missable basically. i liked the “romance” in Drive because it was one-sided and bizarre, for example.

games writing is generally so much worse than movie writing though so i can’t think of a single exception in games

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rudie answer: steins;gate

steins gate is good punishment for people who play vns for the reasons i dont. i watched a playthrough of it this month

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Yeah, watching a playthrough of it is the perfect way to enjoy the game.

I had a fine time with the first Edgeworth game, but Dual Destinies for 3DS just broke me. Seems like all the elements were there, and I liked Athena’s pluckiness and everything (she really does the best job of replacing Phoenix as protagonist), but it in total it felt like all drag and no hook!

I wonder if this was just the cumulative effect of the series for me, or if at that point they lost their ability to create narrative tension the same way? Like, I remember in the 2nd and 3rd games, for all of their annoying and longwinded parts, that I loved to hate certain witnesses in the courtroom, and cared about the arcs of the morally grey characters. Also, they always did a good job of setting the stage for the final case in subtle ways, and made it feel like an impossible reach when you did succeed. All of that stuff I just described felt like echoes in Dual Destinies.

They did do a great job of making the 3D compete with the original game’s pixel art, though.


like bowie, dylan, and pokemon every person inevitably reaches their ace attorney breaking point


The Athena ones are especially stupid. Reading this post you say you are sad but aren’t you really…angry???

Let me tell you, the game was an excellent sleep aid for a while.

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It’s not out yet, but Mask of the Rose is being specifically designed to accommodate ace/aro playstyles, it seems, so you can decide up-front what kind of relationships to explore. One day left on the kickstarter, but it’s already fully funded.

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nononoono thats the opposite of what i want. i want to explore and converse i dont want to have a ‘relationship’ with any fictional character

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You might be lookin for some adventure games then. Maybe Sunless Sea/Skies would appeal? Sea can be kind of tricky with the economy stuff, but you could just edit the txt file to give you a bunch o monies. But I loved it as a game where I could set off and see stuff and talk to characters.

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i like that game yeah

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I wonder if those World of Darkness visual novels are any fun? That world is very conducive to cool character talks, but idk how much those suck. But I would love a good game like that.


I find it hard to have a favorite with original three Phoenix Wright because aspects of the writing and characterization get a lot sharper as the series progresses (e.g. Mia Fey and Godot have personal-life arcs interleaving with the cases they’re litigating, and the mysteries simply get more clever), but they become so longwinded at the same time. I can’t enjoy the first one because it’s too basic and the second two are too long to bother.

All the later games struck me at a distance as retreads with probably different writers independently learning the ropes so I never tried any of them, but I’d be curious to know if one of them is actually the perfect Phoenix Wright short-and-sweet synthesis that could exist in theory (is the first Edgeworth game people are mentioning ITT really that good?)


Edgeworth Investigations 2 is better than 1. Apollo Justice is better than both. The mainline 3DS games are even-to-worse with those, Spirit of Justice a little better than Dual Destinies. All of them are long. Never played Great Ace Attorney and if I am not mistaken the Great Ace 2 translation remains unfinished.

Tier Late-Period Gyakuten Entry
S n/a
A Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Prosecutor’s Path

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

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The Great Ace Attorney: The Adventure of Ryūnosuke Naruhodō

The Great Ace Attorney 2