a switch is a tablet (and other things re: switching setups)

if you remove those things on the sides

so i played some Arkanoid vs Space Invaders which was included on the physical release of Space Invaders Forever and it plays like a port of a free to play mobile game where they removed the micro transactions. and i like it. i can just play a level and it takes a minute and i even played it on the toilet and i never play games on the toilet because i don’t spend that much time there like even when i poop i spend most of my time wiping not playing but with this i can always fit in a level or two

and i figured out that i really enjoy using my switch as tablet

so what is this thread about? pls selectbutts turn my switch into tablet and tell me if there is more games that work without controllers touch only and if they are any good


I’m accustomed to tapping a button 3 times to unlock my Switch what do you do when you have no controllers attached?

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you tap the screen instead


if you have a moddable switch, you can use it as a really old android tablet


Lots of switch rhythm games that basically work this way, I like Lanota because it’s got a fun visual gimmick @ it’s not too expensive. People seem to really like Deemo but it’s style kind of puts me off, but it’s got a lot of content & a demo (like arkanoid, it’s a mobile game with all the iap content included, which in this case adds up to a lot). If you look into I’m sure u can find more (or just look thru publishers).

Lyrica 1/2 seem interesting and are on a large sale rn, seems like a vaguely Osu/Ouendan type game but with a focus on the words being classical Chinese/other poetry.

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I’ve been playing it with controllers, but occasionally use the touch screen for a minute while playing Dicey Dungeons, feel like the whole game would work well that way

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What is your Switch setup? Like if you have one. Is this worth its own thread? I was wondering, because the Switch is like the most configurable handheld, so I figured every sbutt user must have a different setup? Or maybe every sbutt user has good taste and we’ll see a lot of similarity?

Real Switch talk: I don’t like the Switch much. But I’m starting to like it more. After I embraced the idea of it being just a tablet with flimsy attachable controllers and a dock.

Which is hidden behind my TV because I have the red-blue-ish Joy-Cons and I don’t want to look at them. I’ve seen some people have it lay flat like a sandwich, I wanna be that person if I ever get another pair of Cons.

Two $15 Hori controllers are always connected and that’s what I use when I have it docked. Which is almost never, unless I play two player. If a Switch game looks bad in handheld mode I usually don’t play it, or I get it on PS4 or Xbone.

More stuff in front of the TV I rarely use:

Maybe it’s not that flimsy. I dislike the Joy-Cons a lot, but mine hasn’t had any drift nor did it break, even though I dropped it like twice from knee-height. But thank god Hori made the d-pad one. Got it for cheap too, serves me well in anything 2D.

I wonder if I should get the new Split Pad Fit or Compact or what it’s called, even if just for the nicer button feel. But I guess I would miss out on rumble completely, right now I at least get some from the right hand side still.

How is your Switch set up?


Mostly docked, I use a Pro controller and in 2P a pink and white kitty controller I got on amazon. It’s just…sitting under my TV because I hate organizing things. Bright green and pink joycons, second pair because the first ones started drifting and I got em “repaired” for free but then they started drifting again and i just got new ones? I am not very smart.

Now our TV setup is really interesting. Our living room faces directly into the dining room with no wall between, so there’s not really a place to put a TV. Alicia got a thing for wall mounting your TV and a matching like, console thing to put all your stuff in below it. And she bolted them together and put wheels on the bottom, and some weights in the bottom part so it doesn’t tip over. It’s really nice and she put a lot of work into it!

So now we have this wooden mobile TV stand with all of our gaming stuff (just the switch lol) in the bottom part. When we are sick of the TV taking up the space we roll it against the wall in the dining room, which frees up a ton of space. It’s really neat.

Anyway I’m like 70/30 docked/mobile with the switch, I don’t particularly care about fidelity and I think the joycons are fine when they’re not drifting. Not good. But I don’t play good games on the switch, really.


docked permanently because the charging part broke and I can’t use it


Didn’t use it handheld because it was too heavy and hurt my liberal wrists the next day (this is more or less all handhelds.)

I use my switch under my TV in a cabinet unplugged for 90% of the year.


i’ve had my switch plugged into the dock by the tv almost exclusively. it has been the only console i’ve had plugged in to the front room tv for a long time, but a week or so back i put it in a cupboard until zelda i guess, or the event dragon quest treasures goes sub £50 and isn’t also on pc

yeah i’ve honestly not really found one comfortable since the gba sp maybe?

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Original brick is the only one I’ve ever not hated from an ergonomic standpoint

Switch Lite and I have to find weird positions to sit/lie in so that a pillow or similar is actually doing the job of supporting it.

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When undocked and at home, I usually lie on my back and prop it up over my chest with a strange apparatus, and hold a controller behind it with a relaxed arm position. I originally came up with this scheme for Steam remote play on my tablet, then it proved comfy enough I started doing it with the Switch too.


Same as you, finally my Tstand2 arrived after I kickstarted it more than 1 year ago.
Works wonderfully.

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I think I’ve used it hand held like twice and as a table top thing three or four times. I have shitty eyesight so I either have to have my glasses off and it right next to my face or have it like four feet away. I do have one of those hori screen protectors on it just in case though.

It mostly lives docked behind my TV occupying one of the main HDMI ports on my TV (my PS3 recently got demoted from HDMI2 to the hub on 3 parallel to my 360 and my steam link when I got a 4K BD player).

I got an official network adapter on clearance a couple years back that’s been plugged into one of the USB ports forever.

I generally use the boring black Pro controller or the wireless NES pads, but I also have the default red and blue joycons, a set of the purple and orange ones (bought under the false pretense that I’d have friends over to play games more than once ever), that weird Pokétekken pad I also got on clearance, and that giant SFII cabinet style stick that I picked up on my first ever non grocery related outting after covid hit to try to cheer myself up.

For storage, I also scored one of those Nintendo branded sd cards (that giant blue shell one) when Best Buy had a goof on their website and had it marked down a ton for like half a day. That was well timed since the one I had in there previously was tiny and already maxed out.


I guess this means it’ll still be functional when the battery dies. I thought all Switches would turn into useless bricks at some point because mine refused to start when I had to charge it from zero but I just used the cable, not the dock. Makes me wonder about Switch Lites.

It’s the only one I ever not hated from a d-pad and face button feel standpoint.

i know this isnt like mindblowing but its crazy how nes consoles seem to still work pretty fine in general maybe with a bit of contacts cleaning and i cant imagine a switch lasting half that long


oh yeah i think about that constantly its totally fucked up that our switch like. Randomly stopped charging and meanwhile the genesis and snes work fine no problems ever. i think literally the only problem with our snes controller is that the back button is sticky. ive gone through like six dualshock 4s.