Secret Shin Godzilla Cross Ovah!


I rewatched the original movie last night and… I kind of don’t see how this won’t be a redundant dilutor even at its best, although I suppose you could lob the same criticism at anything that came after ALIEN already.

This is my extremely unoriginal take.



Now that’s simply gorgeous.


I saw that there was a B&W design for a bit more on another site, but I don’t see it on the store. Did they sell out, do we know?



it’s a cool image but i’m glad they went with the simple font on both the title screen and the poster, it’s so iconic. that opening title sequence is one of the best ever, and it makes so much more sense to make the design elements of the titles more inspired by the ship than by the alien… because it makes the alien more… alien…


By the time I actually watched Alien (which was released before I was born) I was already steeped in Alien media, so the shock of experiencing it in its context is something it took my dad to point out to me, because I never really considered it. Every time you see the alien it’s in a completely different form. You never know what it could be next. It’s really a genius way to deepen the terror and the uncanniness.


as long as we’re digging up old material,

the screen test for the alien actor is really great. He’s fantastic wearing just his skin


Did you know H.R. Giger sung on an album of Bertolt Brecht poems alongside Coil and Lydia Lunch?

He did a sketch for the album cover too, obviously.



There was an introduction tonight by Ridley for Alien (Day), mentioning the extended Covenant preview to be played afterwards. It was three segments starting with that ^ prologue.

Visually gorgeous as one could expect, but otherwise [quote=“Dracko, post:33, topic:3305”]
I’m worried it’s either going to double down on Prometheus’ nonsense or attempt to be too apologetic about it.

it’s seeming so much the latter, and very crudely. Plus, the formula of rowdy ship (or mission) crew, infection -> encounter, and having original-like score? Feels kinda tired. I did like Prometheus’ attempt to be something grander even where it stumbled, and hope this at least unfolds into something more interesting by the end. I have a general theory by now, but my overall expectations are pretty low.


big thank you to youtube for playing the trailer for this inbetween the episodes of tayo the little bus my three year old was watching earlier today :ok_hand:


This is just a weird choice of scoring.

I missed these too. They’re just doubling down on Prometheus’s approach to marketing and it has me worried that they’re relying on promotional material to do character and story work that should be in the actual feature.


Yesterday I found out that Aliens retcons Lambert to be trans and you better believe there’s some terrible takes about that floating around.

The Internet ruins everything.


Covenant is to Alien what Genisys is to The Terminator.

Anyway I made an Alien trilogy of my own:



Ignatiy Vishnevetsky is my most trusted reviewer and now has me sufficiently hyped for Thursday.


Yeah, that review has me cautiously optimistic. I would really like a good Alien movie.


there is, it’s called alien lol


I think the ‘another’ is implied. :stuck_out_tongue: