I definitely agree it’s only worthwhile if you go into it forgetting that Alien exists.

The fact that it is apparently now the first of an “Alien prequel trilogy” is going to make this harder to do and probably make the movie retroactively worse. Thanks Ridley.


I like that it’s about technocrats pwning themselves


Prometheus looks nice but that’s about it. It’s a Halloween special LOST episode by the director of A Good Year.

What’s entertaining though is Dark Horse’s handling of it, making it a core part of the Aliens vs. Predator universe and allowing it to make it a very peculiar sort of crossover property, whilst also having a concurrent Alien series that’s completely standalone and unrelated.


I hope it’s made of wood


woodn’t that be nice


we invented cryosleep deep space travel but we’re still using ar’s with acogs and non-free floating handguards?



There’s no way I wasn’t going to end up seeing this one way or another but if it turns out to be a straight up slasher flick that’s probably one of the most interesting directions they could have gone in, so good.


Agreed, not sure what other viable connection they can go in with this movie but if they want to riff on classic slasher motifs (shower sex) then im all in




Not sure if it is just the way the trailer is edited but the overly CG-ness of the Alien in this looks very silly and unconvincing


Yeah this is shaping up to be a mess and if it just ends up being an over-the-top slasher flick shot like a high-budget TV show that’ll be enough to keep me pleasantly surprised at this point. I’m worried it’s either going to double down on Prometheus’ nonsense or attempt to be too apologetic about it.


I’ve only watched the trailer once, but the cgi didn’t seem unusually bad to me. I’m weirdly excited to see Kenny Powers in a semi serious role


Xenomorph smashing its face into the windshield is the only reason I want to see this film.


In terms of how the Alien is being presented, I’m getting a mixed bag. In some shots, the editing is so insane that the Alien is almost a point of abstraction, which is cool and scary but then not so much towards the end of the trailer






How… erotic.