A Boy Takes A Gap Year In China

Woah got that Shenmue 3 over here. I will play it…eventually.

The Kickstarter Paper Cover is bad.

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Need to get tbrough dics 3 and 4 of 2 tonight

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Warning Kowloon suckssssssss

Thats not how i remember it

On the list

Man I actually have a list of New Things To Play for the first time in ages, what the hell

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This needs to end on a cliffhanger.

I can’t live my life not waiting for another shenmue game.


I’ll settle for a Lynchian resolve

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kowloon rules wtf


Lol play it in 2019 it is easily the worst part of the game/series.

Look forward to an upcoming hinge problems where we talk at length about how bad kowloon is. Actually Shenmue 2 overall is pretty bad. The last two hours does a lot to wash the taste but In 2019:

  • the balance QTEs suck
  • the first person fighting sucks
  • the branching pathway QTE sucks
  • the QTE prompts have nothing to do with Ryo’s actions
  • the multi input QTEs are also bad

What was cool and amazing in 2001 (woah like 10 buildings and you can go in every room) realizing there is nothing behind those doors and remembering Bethesda and open world games got down the building with a lot of rooms you can go in. It is now in 2019 something I’ve done before.

Like The first half of Shenmue 2 kind of sucks to make a point and then kowloon feels like it sucks as punishment to the player. The final setpiece is supposed to be a fun tower of druaga thing but is just a slog.

Like is it cool it is this semi detailed recreation of a urban legend? Yeah. It also does not feel like a real place compared to Yokosuka.

Like Booji, Tigress, and myself all thing Shenmue 1 is a masterpiece. It is one of the best games. It is near pinnacle of the artform. Now more than it was 18 years ago. I am super curious how Yu Suzuki and his team are going to revisit and recontextualize ideas from 20 years ago.

But Shenmue 2 is nearly twenty hours of eat your vegetables for two hours of super interesting catharsis for S1. Which maybe it’s strongest point is that it was even in the original drafts supposed to be this weird middle chapter. It does one thing I am still thinking about but lord I am not spoiling for booji and tiger.


Any presentation of HK was going to be a desperate fudge simply for the lack of people onscreen, but I did like this nasty boy


That is so removed from everything else I had forgotten it. It is pretty cool.

The pitfight against Sarah Bryant with casual murder less so.

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Ryo finally gets to experience eating for the first time in his life.


i saw a pre-release stream of shenmue 3 and the guy spent 10 mins trying to figure out a minigame where ryo’s arm shakes uncontrollably while he has to try and throw stones in a bucket to win prizes like a DIGITAL CLOCK or a PINEAPPLE. i heard a convo between ryo and some chinese dude that had the exact same quality as shenmue 1’s voice acting but with better audio quality and turned the stream off when the guy said “well, uh, it’s definitely shenmue.” thats all you had to fuckin say buddy im in


There have been 100 dollar Ryo Replica Jackets on the internet for years.

The team must have been real small and busy to not ship a real jacket that has existed in the world for 18 years.

I am just mad because the limited run box looks incredible and I hovered over the buy button because I already gave them too much money for a KS. 100% convinced they haven’t even started on the capsule toys.


Yeah I Payed Eighteen Hundred Dollars For A Rod Name In Shenmue 3


i need to finish 2… i was actually really charmed by the first few hours, the color work in that game is gorgeous. i’ve heard from a few people that it’s a slog but i loved 1 so much, i’m sure we can push through. it’s wonderful that 3 is finally out, i hope yu suzuki is having a nice day at an amusement park :slight_smile: also very excited about the shenhua conversation mechanics, a shenmue dating sim/romance game is basically the dream. is anyone on here already playing?


I wasn’t feeling it at the very beginning (The title font is godawful!), but this certainly feels like a Shenmue game.

disc 4 over breakfast and then shenmue 3!


Well within the first 10 minutes of playing this game I spent all the money I had on these SD Shenmue capsule toys so I can confirm that this is a fucking Shenmue game.