90s music videos


bonus points for dead fashion (good or bad), aggressive cultural appropriation, video effects that would inspire the aesthetic movement of “windows movie maker transitions”

the most relevant pop culture trash when i was a small child was, like, smashmouth and hannah montana and green day, so i am particularly interested in stuff that presages that terrible zeitgeist and walking artistic corpse

2:22-2:30 in c’est la vie resonates very strongly with me and i haven’t been able to place why


in the early 90s you had ancient seaside ruins and michael jackson coming out of light beams. esoteric eco-cult aesthetics

then y2k futurism started, before the matrix (1999) even. was the idea of the internet that magic?

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would like to venture itt that water elementals (rendered using state of the art cg) singing/rapping about street violence and hiv was the golden mean between aforementioned aesthetic periods


in this classic 5 hard workin gals use the power of pop to mock both the very poor and very rich within the 1st 40 seconds.


this isn’t from the 90s but it seems important

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2 years past the 90’s but this aesthetic and sound I think is a great late 90’s transition:

also i fucking love this song

why does the drummer look like he’s a video game character though. he looks computer generated


Is this thread safe to confess my love of SOAD


This video just has so much going on.


this is where the venn diagram of the 80s and 90s meet. the birth of nu-metal shitrock, complete with obnoxious white boy rapping and posturing

i decry the idea of guilty pleasures, tell everyone to just like what they like without self-consciousness or shame. then i remember this dumb fucking song exists and that i actually, totally despite myself, like it. Even the name is utterly cringe-inducing and yet everything i hate in music smashed together and created something that i get sincere joy out of. I listen to “Epic” and i like it and i hate myself the entire time.

Can’t forgive how they treat that poor fish, though.


fuck i was going to chase that with an actual good song, Scissor Sisters “Take Your Mama” but that came out in 2004??? that cant be right

OK ill use my next best pick

Can’t forgive how they treat that poor fish, though.


this would be so straightforward if not for the newgrounds-era flash art and punk guy fieri


i appreciate her hair at least


hey, if anyone wants to know what one of my nightmares looks like: this is the most accurate depiction i’ve seen in any media ever. yikes

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meanwhile, in europe:

also that sugarcoma video fills me a mixture of nostalgia and dread the only error it makes is having them drink out of glasses in a bar and not out of a plastic 3l bottle of white cider in a bit of wasteland


in 1996, this sold thousands of copies, but mainly just in my hometown and the surrounding area. it’s a weird local phenomenon. also it’s shit


tried searching for stuff that was local for me in the 90s but it looks like their videos were all made by someone splicing together footage with two vcrs

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this song is underrated