3DS emulation appears to be fullspeed now

should I play anything other than this??

Super Mario 3D Land
Kokuga if you like STGs


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If we keep replying to a thread that is in the void, will the post count on the front page continue to decrease further below zero

edit: okay, no, it’s staying at -3 posts for me.

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oh dammit I did a toups

Pocket Card Jockey is really cool combination of horse racing and solitaire.

edit: The best thingss about the 3DS aren’t emulatable IMO.


The Zero Escape games are excellent

And emulator save-states can negate the “crash bug that corrupts your save file” issue that the 3DS version of Virtue’s Last Reward had!

…or you could get those new PC ports, I guess? Did those keep the puzzles, unlike the mobile phone version of 999?

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Pocket Card Jockey
Sega 3D Classics Collection
one of the Monster Hunters

That’s all the games you’ll need

definitely all the sega 3d classics

azure striker gunvolt
ridge racer 3d
liberation maiden
weapon shop de omasse
attack of the friday monsters

why emulate the 3ds when you could just hack your actual 3ds though? a lot of the good 3ds stuff is good because it’s (thing) on a handheld. like pacman and galaga dimensions is (pacman championship edition) on a handheld, for example

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Crimson Shroud is a good one.


in which you briefly play as a character with a Fake Versace Turban


look I’m sorry I forgot my 3DS for streetpass ok I had to bring a lot of other stuff too

i’m actually really interested in pocket card jockey though :slight_smile:

Too many of my 3DS recommendations rely on the touchscreen. Unless you have a touchscreen monitor, certain games will just be unplayable

Not to mention the games that would be frustratingly unplayable without the 3D aspect

Ded 2 me.

geez there really is very little on this system that isn’t just a surprisingly good dry run for the first really good mario since the mid-90s and a surprisingly good dry run for the first really good zelda since the mid-90s

Uncharitable at best


okay I guess left off:

  • Guild 01
  • decent entries in niche japanese franchises but still nothing more essential than what was on the regular DS a decade ago