Your song of the moment (from a moment when you were much younger)


When I was very young, I would regularly request that my parents put on the record “Kaleidoscopic Vibrations” by Perrey and Kingsley. They had it in their collection because my maternal grandfather (who died before I was old enough to know him at all) had been an orchestra conductor and had been interested in experimental music. Probably my favorite song from the album was “Umbrellas of Cherbourg.”

When I was a little older, I became enamored with the movie The Neverending Story. One of the things I liked about it was its theme song.

At around the same age, I saw a film at school that included Erasure’s “Chains of Love.” I scanned the credits at the end to identify the song, though I didn’t do anything with that knowledge for many years. Erasure remains one of my favorite music groups today.

A few years later, I heard “Dangerous” by Roxette on the radio, and that became my favorite song for a while.

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i listened to this album so much in the olden times, but i had the version that had no tracklist on the back so i have never known what the titles of the songs are


This is wonderful

I’ll think about my own songs and get back to you


Oh no all my favorite songs from when I was young are still some of my favorite songs D:


I was all about G’n’R as a kid and not much has changed…

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G’n’R has

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That’s pretty much how I’ve changed, too!

But man, don’t knock Axl, he’s got his vocal groove back. He’s been getting rave reviews for those AC/DC concerts.

Also I don’t think it’s out of the question that he’s bipolar too and his meds make him retain water and get fat, Daniel Johnston style. I sure at least gained weight with mine

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he actually looks better now than he did ca. chinese democracy getting released. aging is one thing, but his uh eccentric fashion choices have not always worked out for the best.

i actually didn’t learn until looking for those images that slash had rejoined the band, that makes me happy

edit: and yeah, i hated almost all the songs on CD the one time i managed to sit through it, but the dude can still sing, gotta give him credit for that

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He totes did!

Oh yeah, I don’t know what kind of devil got into his wardrobe but it sure wasn’t rock n roll


i actually wish he had kept some of the weight on and just leaned in to being the Van Morrison of hair metal

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That would have been awesome indeed :laughing:


my dad used to play this on his guitar to me when i was a baby and i laughed whenever he said what i thought was "kiss kissay, fuh fuh fuh fuh"

i danced on a tree stump to this everyday when i lived at a florida camp ground


watched Lost Highway for the first time last night but when i was younger, i used to actually love and play this song a lot

everybody’s got their nostalgic bands, i think i’m always gonna dig NIN/trent reznor scores


oh yeah, for sure! that was teenage years for me though. I’ll always be listening to NIN


I came here to post an SP song and I already did one of the best. Well.

Late middle/early high school, a friend and I constantly traded cool finds like side projects or one-offs, once we exhausted an artists main catalogue. We had a huge U2 (and then Eno) phase. I think we heard this not long after seeing GITS at another friend’s house and were a little confused not remembering it (wasn’t used in the US version).


I have only ever heard Joy Electric’s cover of this song, not the original.

Speaking of covers, my family took a trip to the Grand Canyon when I was a kid, and it started raining. No one was really prepared for the rain, so everyone crowded into a restaurant. We ordered some french fries and sat on the floor. (Most people were sitting on the floor because it was so crowded.) I could faintly hear a song that I identified years later as the Pet Shop Boys version of “Always on My Mind.”


When I was in middle school I heard this song on some “relaxing soundcapes” or somesuch satellite TV music channel and it stopped me cold.

I ended up getting a bunch of Keiko Matsui CDs. She’s got a real new-age smooth jazz corniness to her, but she’s good at coming up with evocative melodies. I should go back and relisten to those old CDs some time. I wonder how much of that stuff holds up.

I remember this being my favorite album of hers: