Your mushiest, loveliest love songs

That’s fair. i get the mush/lovely from how sweet and gentle it is. i also like my love songs a little ambiguous.

well fine then


working my way through some others that maybe don’t quite fit the topic but

A mother to her unplanned son

A lesser known Alicia Keys song about how life and love arent perfect. But we shouldnt be afraid to love and be vulnerable.

Pink is a great singer. This is a low key great song and this performance in 2010 made me teary. People didn’t really know she could do this (the performance part of this. We knew she could sing) and this combined song/performance was magic.

Early Maylee Todd is best Maylee Todd. And this one is sappy and psychedelic

And this one is like shits hard/gonna be hard. But, hold onto me and we’ll make it.

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i could do this for ages

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