Your mushiest, loveliest love songs


I just made a mixtape for my partner and it made me think real hard about the noble art of the love song. Do you have a favorite? What makes you cry? Let’s get real sappy in here!

Here are some of the love songs I love:

One of the old standards of the Brazilian Tropicalia movement. This song was performed by so many important musicians, but I love this English version from Os Mutantes. The lyrics really hit me hard.

This song is a perfect evocation of the adolescent confusion of a first love.

This song makes me wanna marry someone.


Oh man, I almost forgot the one that utterly destroys me the most:

It may be that there’s never been a song so beautiful as this one.

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oh and

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missing here are a few more cheesy entries, I’d say. Time to go as low as you can go!

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this is my favorite song


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this CRJ is so good


CRJ is always so good


have to check all the boxes here, now with carrrssss:

ok, should be nuff for now. so, some “normal”/ bonus content:

… content’s all over the place, job well done, yes :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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You Can Have It All is one of my very favourite songs but it’s too ambiguous for me to qualify it as mushiest loveliest!